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Regional Payments Mechanisms Hidden Spending Diplomatic Relations of the United States with the Barbary Powers, 1776- 1816, The

The Case of Puerto Rico The Politics of Federal Credit Programs

Building Atlanta's Future White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands Vive le Roi! Mississippi Verse Entitled to Power Index Verborum Terentianus Pro-Slavery Thought in the Old South Reason's Double Agent Negro College Graduate, The Into the Main Stream

A History of the French Coronation from Charles V to Charles X An Anthology Farm Women and Technology, 1913-1963

A Survey of Best Practices in Race Relations in the South

Collapse of Cotton Tenancy, The

Summary of Field Studies and Statistical Surveys, 1933-1935

Statistical Atlas of Southern Counties

Listing and Analysis of Socio-Economic Indices of 1104 Southern Counties

University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009


Ingram, James C. Ippolito, Daniel S.

Irwin, Ray W. Ivey, John E., Jr., Nicholas J. Demerath, and Woodrow W. Breland Jackson, George Pullen Jackson, Richard A. James, Alice, editor Jellison, Katherine Jenkins, Edgar B. Jenkins, William S. Johnson, Carol Johnson, Charles S. Johnson, Charles S., and associates Johnson, Charles S., Edwin R. Embree, and W. W. Alexander Johnson, Charles S., Lewis W. Jones, Ruford H. Junker, Eli S. Marks, and Preston Valien

Johnson, Gerald W. Johnson, Gerald W. Johnson, Gerald W. Johnson, Guion Griffis

Johnson, Guion Griffis Johnson, Guy Benton Johnson, Guy Benton

Johnson, Guy Benton, and Guion Griffis Johnson Johnson, Jeffrey Allan Johnson, Norris Brock Johnston, Angus James, II Johnston, Frances Benjamin, and Thomas Tileston Waterman Jones, H. G. Jones, Howard Jones, Howard Mumford

South-Watching Making of a Southern Industrialist, The Wasted Land, The Ante-Bellum North Carolina Social History of the Sea Islands, with Special Reference to St. Helena Island, South Carolina, A Folk Culture on St. Helena Island, South Carolina John Henry

Research in Service to Society The Kaiser's Chemists West Haven Virginia Railroads in the Civil War

Early Architecture of North Carolina, The For History's Sake To the Webster-Ashburton Treaty America and French Culture, 1750-1848

Selected Essays by Gerald W. Johnson; Edited with an Introduction by Fred Hobson A Study of Simpson Bobo Tanner

A Social History

Tracking Down a Negro Legend The First Fifty Years of the Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina Science and Modernization in Imperial Germany Classroom Culture and Society in a Rural Elementary School

The Preservation and Publication of North Carolina History, 1663-1903 A Study in Anglo-American Relations, 1783-1843

Jones, Lance G. E. Jones, Virgil Carrington Jordan, A. M. Jordan, Cynthia S. Jorr<ac><i>n, Miguel, and John D. Martz Kalman, Laura Kandel, I. L. Kane, Elisha Kent Kane, Elisha Kent, translator Kapelle, William E. Karnes, Thomas L.

Jeanes Teacher in the United States, 1908-1933, The Ranger Mosby Children's Interests in Reading Second Stories Latin-American Political Thought and Ideology Legal Realism at Yale, 1927-1960 Impact of the War upon American Education, The Gongorism and the Golden Age Book of Good Love, The Norman Conquest of the North, The Failure of Union, The

An Account of Twenty-five Years' Experience in the Supervision of Negro Rural Schools

The Politics of Language, Form, and Gender in Early American Fictions

A Study of Exuberance and Unrestraint in the Arts ; By Juan Ruiz; Introduction by John Esten Keller The Region and Its Transformation, 1000-1135 Central America, 1824-1960

Karraker, Cyrus H.

Kartesz, John T., and Rosemarie Kartesz Kaufman, Natalie Hevener

Seventeenth-Century Sheriff, The Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland Human Rights Treaties and the Senate

A Comparative Study of the Sheriff in England and the Chesapeake Colonies, 1607-1689

A History of Opposition

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