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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Keith-Lucas, Alan Keith-Lucas, Alan Keith-Lucas, Alan, and Clifford W. Sanford Kelling, Lucile, and Albert Suskin Kelly, Alfred Kelly, George Armstrong Kelly, William B., Jr., editor Kendall, Ritchie D.

Church Children's Home in a Changing World, The Some Casework Concepts for the Public Welfare Worker Group Child Care as a Family Service Index Verborum Juvenalis Descent of Darwin, The Victims, Authority, and Terror Studies in United States Commercial Policy Drama of Dissent, The

Kendrick, Benjamin Burks, and Alex Mathews Arnett Kennedy, Milton Boone

South Looks at Its Past, The Oration in Shakespeare, The

Kennedy, Richard S., and Paschal Reeves, editors

Notebooks of Thomas Wolfe, The

Kennedy, Richard S., editor Kern, Montague, Patricia W. Levering, and Ralph B. Levering Kesselman, Louis C. Keyes, Langley Carleton Kilpatrick, Carroll, editor Kilpatrick, William Heard Kim, Se-Jin Kincaid, A. Douglas, and Alejandro Portes (eds.) King, Richard King, Spencer B., Jr. Kinney, Arthur F. Kirk, Harris Elliott Kirst, Michael W. Klein, Jacob Klein, Maury Kleppner, Paul Klitgaard, Kaj Klitgaard, Kaj Kneebone, John T. Knight, Edgar W. Knight, Edgar W. Knight, Edgar W.

Beyond Love and Loyalty

Kennedy Crises, The Social Politics of FEPC, The Thoreau . . . Voice in the Edgeland Roosevelt and Daniels Our Educational Task as Illustrated in the Changing South Politics of Military Revolution in Korea, The Comparative National Development Party of Eros, The Selective Service in North Carolina in World War II John Skelton, Priest and Poet Stars, Atoms, and God Government without Passing Laws Commentary on Plato's "Meno," A Life and Legend of E. H. Harriman, The Third Electoral System, 1853-1892, The Oil and Deep Water Through the American Landscape Southern Liberal Journalists and the Issue of Race, 1920-1944 What College Presidents Say Among the Danes Education in the South

Knight, Edgar W., and Agatha Boyd Adams, editors Knight, Edgar W., editor Knight, Edgar W., Roger P. McCutcheon, and Roscoe E. Parker, editors Knight, Grant C. Knight, Grant C. Knight, Grant C. Knipe, James L. Knox, Sarah T. Knupfer, Peter B. Koch, William J., editor Kocher, Paul H. Konig, David Thomas Koon, Tracy H. Koropeckyj, I. S. Kosa, John Koss, Stephen

Graduate School, The Henry Harrisse on Collegiate Education

Higher Education in the South Strenuous Age in American Literature, 1900-1910, The Critical Period in American Literature, 1890-1900, The James Lane Allen and the Genteel Tradition Federal Reserve and the American Dollar, The Family and the Law, The The Union As It Is Mycological Studies Honoring John N. Couch Christopher Marlowe Law and Society in Puritan Massachusetts Believe, Obey, Fight Location Problems in Soviet Industry before World War II Two Generations of Soviet Man Rise and Fall of the Political Press in Britain, The


The Popularization of Darwinism in Germany, 1860-1914 The Parallel Deaths of D'Orleans, Custine, Bailly, and Malesherbes ; Directed by Harry C. Hawkins and John M. Leddy The Radical Poetics of Nonconformity, 1350-1590

The Letters of Thomas Wolfe and Elizabeth Nowell; Together with No More Rivers," a Story by Thomas Wolfe"

The Press, the Presidency, and Foreign Policy A Study in Reform Pressure Movements A Biography in Sonnets A Friendship in Politics

Society and Economy in the New Global Order Radical Social Thought and the Realm of Freedom

Sermons of Discovery

Congress' Nonstatutory Techniques for Appropriations Control

Parties, Voters, and Political Culture

Research and Publications

Problems and Policies, 1946-1964

Constitutional Unionism and Sectional Compromise, 1787-1861

A Study of His Thought, Learning, and Character Essex County, 1629-1692 Political Socialization of Youth in Fascist Italy, 1922-1943 The Case of the Ukraine A Study in the Psychology of Communism The Twentieth Century

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