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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Kotz, Samuel, and Wassily Hoeffding Kuhlman, Susan Kuhn, Helmut Kunz, Diane B. Kust, Matthew J. Kust, Matthew J. La Vopa, Anthony Lachs, John Lagos, Gustavo Lander, Ernest McPherson, Jr. Lang, James Langland, Elizabeth Lanning, John Tate Lanning, John Tate Largent, Vera, editor

Russian-English Dictionary of Statistical Terms and Expressions and Russian Reader in Statistics Knave, Fool, and Genius Freedom Forgotten and Remembered The Economic Diplomacy of the Suez Crisis Supplement to Foreign Enterprise in India Foreign Enterprise in India Prussian Schoolteachers Marxist Philosophy International Stratification and Underdeveloped Countries History of South Carolina, 1865-1960, A Inside Development in Latin America Society in the Novel Diplomatic History of Georgia, The Spanish Missions of Georgia, The Walter Clinton Jackson Essays in the Social Sciences, The The Roman Catholic Church and the Home Rule Movement in Ireland, 1870- 1874 Consolidation of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, 1860-1870, The Making of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, 1850-1860, The Roman Catholic Church and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-1891, The Human Bondage in Southeast Asia Democracy in Crisis The Limits of Judicial Power Educate a Woman Wouldn't Take Nothin' for My Journey Now James Moore Wayne People Look at Radio, The Argentine Literature Confederate Constitutions, The Lower Cape Fear in Colonial Days, The Elusive Quest, The Wallace Stevens and Poetic Theory Public Values, Private Lands Peasants of Marlhes, The Carnival on the Page Frustrated Patriots Parson Pettigrew of the "Old Church," 1744-1807 Bargaining for Supremacy American Opinion and the Russian Alliance, 1939-1945 Religious Investigations of William James, The Romantic Fragment Poem, The

Larkin, Emmet Larkin, Emmet Larkin, Emmet Larkin, Emmet Lasker, Bruno Laski, Harold J. Lasser, William Lathrop, Virginia Terrell, editor Lauterer, Jock Lawrence, Alexander A. Lazerfeld, Paul F., and Harry Field Leavitt, Sturgis E. Lee, Charles Robert, Jr. Lee, Lawrence Leffler, Melvyn P. Leggett, B. J. Lehman, Tim Lehning, James R. Lehuu, Isabelle Lemmon, Sarah McCulloh Lemmon, Sarah McCulloh Leutze, James R. Levering, Ralph B. Levinson, Henry Samuel Levinson, Marjorie

Lewis, Clifford M., S.J., and Albert J. Loomie, S.J. Lewis, Hylan Lewis, Kate Porter Lewis, Paul H. Lewis, Paul H. Leyburn, Ellen Douglass Lieb, Michael Lievsay, John Leon Linder, Suzanne Cameron Lindquist, Ruth Lindsey, Almont Link, Arthur S., editor

Spanish Jesuit Mission in Virginia, 1570-1572, The Blackways of Kent Alabama Folk Plays Political Parties and Generations in Paraguay's Liberal Era, 1869-1940 Politics of Exile, The Strange Alloy Poetics of the Holy Stefano Guazzo and the English Renaissance, 1575-1675 William Louis Poteat Family in the Present Social Order, The Socialized Medicine in England and Wales Woodrow Wilson and a Revolutionary World, 1913-1921


The Confidence Man as He Appears in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

Laws and Policies Laws and Policies Profession and Office, 1763-1848 A Bibliographical Guide

Report from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Brazil

A Study of the Epoch of Jenkins' Ear

The Supreme Court in American Politics Fifty Years of Life at the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina

Southern Unionist

A Bibliography of Literary Criticism, Biography, and Literary Controversy

America's Pursuit of European Stability and French Security, 1919-1953 Conceiving the Supreme Fiction Farmland Preservation Policy, 1933-1985 Economic Development and Family Organization in Nineteenth-Century France Popular Print Media in Antebellum America North Carolina and the War of 1812

Anglo-American Naval Collaboration, 1937-1941

A Critique of Form

Paraguay's Febrerista Party The Relation of Comedy to Tragedy in the Fiction of Henry James A Reading of "Paradise Lost"

Prophet of Progress A Study of Needs of American Families The National Health Service, 1948-1961

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