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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Link, William A. Linker, Robert White, editor Linker, Robert White, translator Lively, Robert A. Lively, Robert A. Lloyd, Arthur Young Lockmiller, David A. Logan, Frenise A. Logan, George Bryan, Jr. Logan, Rayford W. Logan, Rayford W., editor London, Lawrence Foushee Longley, John Lewis, Jr. Lonn, Ella Lonsdale, Richard E. Lord, Clifford L., editor Lou, Herbert H. Lovett, Clara M. Loving, Jerome

Hard Country and a Lonely Place, A Aucassin et Nicolete Chr<ac>etien de Troyes Fiction Fights the Civil War South in Action, The Slavery Controversy, 1831-1860, The Sir William Blackstone Negro in North Carolina, 1876-1894, The Liberty in the Modern World Diplomatic Relations of the United States with Haiti, 1776-1891, The What the Negro Wants Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire Tragic Mask, The Colonial Agents of the Southern Colonies, The Atlas of North Carolina Keepers of the Past Juvenile Courts in the United States Giuseppe Ferrari and the Italian Revolution Emerson, Whitman, and the American Muse

Lumans, Valdis O. Lumiansky, R. M., and David Mills Lumpkin, Katherine DuPre Lumpkin, Katherine DuPre Lund, Nils Wilhelm Lussky, Alfred Edwin M<ac>eral, Jean MacArdle, Donald W. (editor) MacClintock, William Darnall MacCracken, Henry Noble MacDonald, Edgar E., editor MacKinney, Loren C., Nicholson B. Adams, and Harry K. Russell, editors

MacNider, William de Bernier Maddex, Jack P., Jr. Maddex, Jack P., Jr. Maddison, Carol Major-Poetzel, Pamela Malinowski, Bronislaw Manarin, Louis H., editor Manchester, Alan K. Maniates, Maria Rika Marchand, Leslie A. Markham, Reuben Henry Markham, Richard Henry Marks, Sally Marsh, Charles F., editor Marshall, Helen E. Martin, Benjamin F.

Himmler's Auxiliaries Chester Mystery Cycle, The Emancipation of Angelina Grimk<ac>e, The Family, The Chiasmus in the New Testament Tieck's Romantic Irony Paris in American Literature Beethoven As I Knew Him Joseph Warton's Essay on Pope John the Common Weal Education of the Heart

State University Surveys the Humanities, A Good Doctor and Other Selections from the Essays and Addresses of William de Bernier MacNider, The Reconstruction of Edward A. Pollard, The Virginia Conservatives, 1867-1879, The Marcantonio Flaminio Michel Foucault's Archaeology of Western Culture Scientific Theory of Culture and Other Essays, A Richmond at War British Preeminence in Brazil, Its Rise and Decline Mannerism in Italian Music and Culture, 1530-1630 Athenaeum, The Wave of the Past, The Tito's Imperial Communism Innocent Abroad Hampton Roads Communities in World War II, The Dorothea Dix Count Albert de Mun

Martin, Robert K. Martz, John D. Martz, John D. Martz, John D., and Enrique A. Baloyra

Hero, Captain, and Stranger Colombia Central America Electoral Mobilization and Political Opinion


Schooling, Society, and Reform in Rural Virginia, 1870-1920

The Story of the Grail An Unfinished Chapter in the Literary History of the American People A Sectional Crusade Against Freight Rate Discrimination

A Study of Faulkner's Heroes

The Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle and the German National Minorities of Europe, 1933@- 1945 Essays and Documents; With an Essay, "Music in the Cycle," by Richard Rastall

A Study of Member Roles A Study in Formgeschichte With Special Emphasis upon the Influence of Cervantes, Sterne, and Goethe ; Translated by Laurette Long A Biography by Anton Felix Schindler; Translated by Constance S. Jolly A History of the Five Editions

The Correspondece of Rachel Mordecai Lazarus and Maria Edgeworth

; Edited by William W. McClendon abd Shirley Graves Cochran A Rebel's Conversion to Postbellum Unionism A Study in Reconstruction Politics Poet, Humanist, and Reformer Toward a New Science of History

The Minutes of the City Council, 1861-1865 A Study in European Expansion

A Mirror of Victorian Culture

Belgium at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Forgotten Samaritan Paladin of the Third Republic

Male Friendship, Social Critique, and Literary Form in the Sea Novels of Herman Melville A Contemporary Political Survey The Crisis and Challenge The Venezuelan Campaign of 1973

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