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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Millikan, Robert Andrews Millon, Robert Paul Mineka, Francis E. Miner, Steven Merritt Mitchell, Allan Mitchell, Allan Mitchell, Allan Mitchell, Broadus Mitchell, George S. Mitrany, David Moeller, Robert G. Moew, John E. Monroe, N. Elizabeth Moore, Frank Harper Morgan, Joseph G. Morgan, Lucy, with Legette Blythe Moriarty, Barry M. Morland, John Kenneth Moroney, J. R. Morrill, James R. Morrison, Chaplain W. Morrison, Claudia C. Morrison, Joseph L. Morrison, Joseph L. Morriss, Elizabeth C. Morton, Richard L. Morton, Richard L., editor Moss, William Dygnum Mott, Frank Luther Mueller, Lisle Murchison, Claudius T. Murray, Philip A., Jr. Najemy, John M. Nance, William L., S.M. Nash, Ethel M., Lucie Jessner, and D. Wilfred Abse, editors Naylor, Thomas H., and James Clotfelter Neal, Julia Nelson, Paul David Nelson, Raymond

Nelson, William E. Nenner, Howard Nevin, Thomas R. Newbold, N. C., editor Newman, Robert P. Newman, William S. Newman, William S. Nicholls, William H. Niebanck, Paul L., editor Niemi, Albert W., Jr. Niggli, Josephina Nisbet, Alice Nixon, Herman Clarence Noble, Alice

Time, Matter, and Values Mexican Marxist--Vicente Lombardo Toledano Dissidence of Dissent, The Between Churchill and Stalin The Divided Path Victors and Vanquished German Influence in France after 1870 William Gregg Textile Unionism and the South Marx Against the Peasant German Peasants and Conservative Agrarian Politics, 1914-1924 Local Subsidies for Industry Novel and Society, The Nobler Pleasure, The Vietnam Lobby, The Gift from the Hills Industrial Location and Community Development Millways of Kent Structure of Production in American Manufacturing, The Practice and Politics of Fiat Finance, The Democratic Politics and Sectionalism Freud and the Critic Josephus Daniels Josephus Daniels Says . . . Citizen's Reference Book Colonial Virginia Present State of Virginia, The Sermons and Prayers Time Enough Dependencies King Cotton Is Sick Fishing in the Carolinas Corporatism and Consensus in Florentine Electoral Politics, 1280-1400 Katherine Anne Porter and the Art of Rejection

Marriage Counseling in Medical Practice Strategies for Change in the South By Their Fruits William Tryon and the Course of Empire Kenneth Patchen and American Mysticism Dispute and Conflict Resolution in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1725- 1825 The Right to Be King Simone Weil Five North Carolina Negro Educators The Cold War Romance of Lillian Hellman and John Melby Sonata Since Beethoven, The Sonata in the Classic Era, The Southern Tradition and Regional Progress Rent Control Debate, The Gross State Product and Productivity in the Southeast Mexican Folk Plays Send Me an Angel Forty Acres and Steel Mules School of Pharmacy of the University of North Carolina, The


The Monthly Repository, 1806-1838 The Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the Origins of the Grand Alliance The German Influence on Social Reform in France after 1870 The German Influence on Army and Church in France after 1870 The Formation of the French Republic Factory Master of the Old South

A Study of Social Dogmatism The Rhineland and Westphalia

A Critical Study of the Modern Novel Dryden's Comedy in Theory and Practice The American Friends of Vietnam, 1955-1975 Miss Lucy Morgan's Story of Her Unique Penland School

North Carolina in the Confederation, 1783-1789 The Wilmot Proviso Policy The Early Use of Depth Psychology in Literary Criticism The Small-d Democrat An Editor's Political Odyssey from Bryan to Wilson and F.D.R., 1894-1913 A Textbook for Adult Beginners in Community Schools

Whence Is Inferrred a Short View of Maryland and North Carolina; by Hugh Jones

Essays in Autobiography

A Symposium ;Foreword by Alan W. Steelman The Story of Shakerism in South Union, Kentucky A Life in British Imperial Service

The Succession to the Crown of England, 1603-1714 Portrait of a Self-Exiled Jew

A History of the Sonata Idea, Vol. III A History of the Sonata Idea, Vol. II

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