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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Noble, M. C. S. Noblin, Stuart Nolan, Mary Lee, and Sidney Nolan Noll, Steven Norlin, George Normano, J. F. North, Cecil Clare Novy, Marianne L. Obelkevich, James, editor O'Brien, Michael J. O'Connell, Michael O'Daly, Gerard Odum, Eugene P., editor

History of the Public Schools of North Carolina, A Leonidas LaFayette Polk Christian Pilgrimage in Modern Western Europe Feeble-Minded in Our Midst Fascism and Citizenship Brazil Social Differentiation Love's Argument Religion and the People, 800-1700 Socratic Paradoxes and the Greek Mind, The Mirror and Veil The Poetry of Boethius North Carolina Naturalist, A

Odum, Howard W. Odum, Howard W. Odum, Howard W. Odum, Howard W. Odum, Howard W., and D. W. Willard Odum, Howard W., and Guy B. Johnson Odum, Howard W., and Guy B. Johnson

Folk, Region, and Society Race and Rumors of Race Southern Regions of the United States Approach to Public Welfare and Social Work, An Systems of Public Welfare Negro Workaday Songs Negro and His Songs, The


Agrarian Crusader

Institutions for the Mentally Retarded in the South, 1900-1940

A Study of Economic Types

Gender Relations in Shakespeare

A Study of Typical Negro Songs in the South

The Historical Dimension of Spenser's "Faerie Queene"

H. H. Brimley, Selections From His Writings Selected Papers of Howard W. Odum; Arranged and edited by Katharine Jocher, Guy B. Johnson, George Lee Simpson, Jr., and Rupert P. Vance Challenge to American Crisis

Odum, Howard W., and Katharine Jocher, editors Odum, Howard W., editor

Oldham, James Olmstead, Alan L. Orr, Oliver H., Jr. Orth, John V. Otis, Brooks Owen, Guy, and Mary C. Williams, editors Pach, Chester J., Jr. Palmer, Bruce Palmer, J. J. N. Parker, John W., editor Parks, Edd Winfield Patterson, C. Perry Patterson, Daniel W., and Albrecht B. Strauss, editors Patton, James W. Pauley, Bruce F. Pauley, Bruce F. Payne, Anne Blackwell Pech, Stanley Z. Peeler, John A. Pegg, Carl H. Perosa, Alessandro, and John Sparrow, editors Pfouts, Ralph W., editor Phialas, Peter G. Phillips, Charles F., Jr. Pierce, Ovid Pierson, Mary Bynum Pike, David Pike, David Pinney, Edward L.

In Search of the Regional Balance of America Southern Pioneers in Social Interpretation The Mansfield Manuscripts and the Growth of English Law in the Eighteenth Century New York Savings Banks in the Antebellum Years, 1819-1861 Charles Brantley Aycock The North Carolina State Constitution, with History and Commentary Cosmos and Tragedy New Southern Poets Arming the Free World Man Over Money England, France, and Christendom, 1377-99 Adventures in Playmaking Charles Egbert Craddock Presidential Government in the United States Essays in English Literature of the Classical Period Presented to Dougald MacMillan Unionism and Reconstruction in Tennessee, 1860-1869 From Prejudice to Persecution Hitler and the Forgotten Nazis Released Czech Revolution of 1848, The Latin American Democracies Evolution of the European Idea, 1914-1932 Renaissance Latin Verse Essays on Economics and Econometrics Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies Competition in the Synthetic Rubber Industry Old Man's Gold and Other Stories Graduate Work in the South Luk<ac>acs and Brecht German Writers in Soviet Exile, 1933-1945 Federalism, Bureaucracy, and Party Politics in Western Germany

An Essay on the Meaning of Aeschylus; Edited by E. Christian Kopff Selected Poems from Southern Poetry Review"; Introduction by Louis D. Rubin, Jr." The Origins of the United States Military Assistance Program, 1945-1950 The Southern Populist Critique of American Capitalism

Four Plays by Carolina Playmakers

The Unwritten Constitution

A History of Austrian Anti-Semitism A History of Austrian National Socialism A Book of Verse

Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela

An Anthology A Volume in Honor of Harold Hotelling The Development of Their Form and Meaning

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