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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Ayers, C. E. Babcock, Robert Witbeck Bailey, Fred Arthur Bailey, J. O. Bailey, J. O. Bailey, J. O., and Sturgis E. Leavitt, compilers Baird, Bessie Mary Baldwin, Sidney Baloyra, Enrique Balsdon, J. P. V. D. Barbour, James, and Tom Quirk, editors Barclay, R. E. Bardou, Jean-Pierre, Jean Jacques Chanaron, Patrick Fridenson, and James M. Laux Barker, Nancy Nichols Barlow, Ima Christina Barnett, Harold C. Barnett, Richard C. Barnwell, John Barnwell, P. S. Barrett, John G.

Theory of Economic Progress, The Genesis of Shakespearean Idolatry, 1766-1799, The Class and Tennessee's Confederate Generation Poetry of Thomas Hardy, The Thomas Hardy and the Cosmic Mind Southern Humanities Conference and Its Constituent Societies, The Roses for Southern Gardens Poverty and Politics El Salvador in Transition Romans and Aliens Writing the American Classics Ducktown

Automobile Industry, The French Experience in Mexico, 1821-1861, The Agadir Crisis, The Toxic Debts and the Superfund Dilemma Place, Profit, and Power Love of Order Emperor, Prefects, and Kings Sherman's March Through the Carolinas


A Study in English Criticism of the Late Eighteenth Century

A Handbook and Commentary A New Reading of "The Dynasts""

The Rise and Decline of the Farm Security Administration

Back in Raht's Time

The Impact of an Industry; Translated from the French and edited by James M. Laux A History of Constant Misunderstanding

A Study of the Servants of William Cecil, Elizabethan Statesman South Carolina's First Secession Crisis The Roman West, 395-565

Barrett, John G., and Robert K. Turner, Jr., editors Barrett, John G., editor Barringer, Paul B. Barrows, Chester L. Bartlett, Ruhl J. Barton, Weldon V. Bateman, Fred, and Thomas Weiss Battle, Kemp P. Battle, Kemp P. Battle, Kemp P. Battle, Kemp P., editor Battle, Kemp P., editor Battle, Kemp P., editor Battle, William James, editor Baum, Dale Baum, Helena Watts Baum, Paull F. Baum, Paull F. Beckwith, Martha Warren Beito, David T. Bennett, Charles E., and David R. Lennon Bennett, David H. Bennett, Whitman Berbusse, Edward J., S.J. Berkeley, Edmund, and Dorothy Smith Berkeley Berkeley, Edmund, and Dorothy Smith Berkeley Berkeley, Edmund, and Dorothy Smith Berkeley Bernstein, E. M. Bernstein, E. M. Bickman, Martin Billings, Dwight B., Jr. Billingsley, Edward Baxter Bird, William Ernest

Letters of a New Market Cadet Yankee Rebel Natural Bent, The William M. Evarts League to Enforce Peace, The Interstate Compacts in the Political Process Deplorable Scarcity, A Legislation of the Convention of 1861 Letters and Documents Relating to the Lower Cape Fear Minutes of the Kehukey Association Letters of Nathaniel Macon, John Steele, and William Barry Grove, The Letters of William Richardson Davie Diary of a Geological Tour by Dr. Elisha Mitchell in 1827 and 1828 Memories of an Old-Time Tar Heel Civil War Party System, The Satiric and the Didactic in Ben Jonson's Comedy, The Tennyson Sixty Years After Blessed Damozel, The Black Roadways Taxpayers in Revolt A Quest for Glory The Party of Fear Whittier United States in Puerto Rico, The Dr. John Mitchell Doctor Alexander Garden of Charles Town John Clayton Public Utility Rate Making and the Price Level Money and the Economic System Unsounded Centre, The Planters and the Making of the "New South" Defense of Neutral Rights, In History of Western Carolina College, The

Beverly Stanard; By Beverly Stanard The Civil War Journal of Edmund DeWitt Patterson The Memoirs of Dr. Paul B. Barringer Lawyer, Diplomat, Statesman

The Failure of Industrialization in the Slave Economy

; By Kemp Plummer Battle The Case of Massachusetts, 1848-1876

The Unpublished Manuscript, Texts, and Collation A Study of Jamaican Folk Life The Resistance during the Great Depression Major General Robert Howe and the American Revolution From Nativist Movements to the New Right Bard of Freedom 1898-1900 The Man Who Made the Map of North America

Pioneer of American Botany

Jungian Studies in American Romanticism Class, Politics, and Development in North Carolina, 1865-1900 The United States Navy and the Wars of Independence in Chile and Peru The Progress of an Idea

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