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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009




Pinney, Edward L., editor Pintner, Walter McKenzie, and Don Karl Rowney, editors Pitchford, Kenneth Pizer, John Plaza, Galo Pleasants, Julian M., and Augustus M. Burns III Plum, Harry Grant Poage, George R. Pochoda, Elizabeth T. Poe, Clarence Poe, Clarence, editor Polk, William T. Polsky, Howard W., and Daniel S. Claster with Carl Goldberg Popkin, Jeremy D. Poteat, William Louis Poteat, William Louis Potter, Russell Pound, Roscoe Powell, Arthur G.

Comparative Politics and Political Theory

Russian Officialdom Suite of Angels and Other Poems, A Ego-Alter Ego Problems of Democracy in Latin America Frank Porter Graham and the 1950 Senate Race in North Carolina Restoration Puritanism Henry Clay and the Whig Party Arthurian Propaganda My First 80 Years True Tales of the South at War Fallen Angel and Other Stories, The

Dynamics of Residential Treatment, The Right-Wing Press in France, 1792-1800, The Way of Victory, The Can a Man Be a Christian Today? Modern French Art Law and Morals I Can Go Home Again

Essays Written in Honor of Charles Baskervill Robson

The Bureaucratization of Russian Society from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century

Double and/as Other in the Age of German Poetic Realism

A Study of the Growth of English Liberty

Le Morte Darthur as an Historical Ideal of Life

How Soldiers Fought and Families Lived, 1861-1865

A Social System Analysis

Powell, William S. Powell, William S. Preston, James J., editor Price, Daniel O., editor Prince, William Meade Pritchard, Arnold Pritchett, C. Herman Proehl, Paul O. Proudfoot, Merrill Pruett, James W., editor Puckett, Newbell Niles Quirk, Tom

John Pory, 1572-1636 Paradise Preserved Mother Worship 99th Hour, The Southern Part of Heaven, The Catholic Loyalism in Elizabethan England Tennessee Valley Authority, The Foreign Enterprise in Nigeria Diary of a Sit-In Studies in Musicology Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro Bergson and American Culture

The Life and Letters of a Man of Many Parts; (Microfiche Supplement: Letters and Other Minor Writings) A History of the Roanoke Island Historical Associaton Theme and Variations The Population Crisis in the United States

A Study in Public Administration Laws and Policies

Essays in the History, Style, and Bibliography of Music in Memory of Glen Haydon

The Worlds of Willa Cather and Wallace Stevens

Radford, Albert E., Deborah Kay Strady Otte, Lee J. Otte, Jimmy R. Massey, and Paul D. Whitson Radin, Max

Natural Heritage Epicurus, My Master

Classification, Inventory, and Information

Ramirez de Arellana, Annette B., and Conrad Seipp Rankin, Hugh F. Rans, Geoffrey Ranum, Orest Raper, Arthur F. Raper, Arthur F. Raper, Arthur F., and Ira De A. Reid Ratchford, B. U., and William D. Ross

Colonialism, Catholicism, and Contraception

Theater in Colonial America, The Cooper's Leather-Stocking Novels Artisans of Glory Preface to Peasantry Tragedy of Lynching, The Sharecroppers All Berlin Reparations Assignment

The History of Birth Control in Puerto Rico

A Secular Reading Writers and Historical Thought in Seventeenth-Century France A Tale of Two Black Belt Counties

Round One of the German Peace Settlement

Ratliff, Charles E., Jr. Ray, Louise Crenshaw Ray, Mary Helen, and Robert P. Nicholls, editors Reckford, Kenneth J. Record, Wilson Redding, J. Saunders Reece, Jack E.

Interstate Apportionment of Business Income for State Income Tax Purposes With Specific Reference to North Carolina Color of Steel The Traveler's Guide to American Gardens Aristophanes' Old-and-New Comedy Negro and the Communist Party, The To Make a Poet Black Bretons against France, The Vol. I. Six Essays in Perspective Ethnic Minority Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Britanny

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