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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Rubin, Louis D., Jr., and C. Hugh Holman, editors Rubin, Louis D., Jr., editor Rubin, Morton Runge, William H., editor Rush, Charles E., editor Rushing, William A. Rusk, William Sener, editor Russell, Lucy Phillips Russell, Phillips Rutland, Robert A., editor Sale, John B. Salins, Peter D., editor Salley, Katherine Batts, editor Salmond, John A. Salter, J. T., editor Salter, J. T., editor

Southern Literary Study Yemassee Lands, The Plantation County Four Years in the Confederate Artillery Library Resources of the University of North Carolina Psychiatric Professions, The Methods of Teaching the Fine Arts Rare Pattern, A Woman Who Rang the Bell, The Papers of George Mason, 1725-1792, The Tree Named John, The Housing America's Poor Life at Saint Mary's Southern Rebel, A Public Men In and Out of Office American Politician, The

Sand, George

A Woman's Version of the Faust Legend

Sanders, Jennings B. Sanders, Wiley B. Sanders, Wiley B., director Sanders, Wiley B., editor Sands, William Franklin Santovenia, Emeterio S. Savage, Henry Lyttelton Savage, Henry, Jr. Schaffer, Albert, and Ruth Connor Schaffer Schlam, Carl C.

Evolution of Executive Departments of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 Juvenile Courts in North Carolina Negro Child Welfare in North Carolina Juvenile Offenders for a Thousand Years Our Jungle Diplomacy Lincoln in Mart<ac><i> The "Gawain" Poet River of the Carolinas Woodruff The 'Metamorphoses' of Apuleius

Schmidhauser, John R. Schmitz, David Schneider, James C. Schoultz, Lars G. Schubert, Leland Schulte Nordholt, Jan Willom Schwabe, Klaus Schwartz, Robert M. Schwenning, G. T., editor Scott, Andrew M. Scott, Andrew M., and Margaret A. Hunt Scott, Andrew M., with Major Donald P. Clark (U.S.A.), R. Bruce Ehrman, John W. Salmon, Jr., Harold B. Shill, and Captain Frank W. Trapnell (U.S.A.) Scott, Nathan A., Jr. Sealey, Raphael Seelye, John Seers, Dudley, editor Seidenberg, Roderick Seidenberg, Roderick Selden, Samuel Selden, Samuel Selden, Samuel, editor

Supreme Court as Final Arbiter in Federal-State Relations, 1789-1957, The The United States and Fascist Italy, 1922-1940 Sould America Go to War? Populist Challenge, The Hawthorne, the Artist Dutch Republic and the American Revolution, The Woodrow Wilson, Revolutionary Germany, and Peacemaking, 1918-1919 Policing the Poor in Eighteenth-Century France Management Problems Dynamics of Interdependence, The Congress and Lobbies

Insurgency Poetics of Belief, The Women and Law in Classical Greece Memory's Nation Cuba Anatomy of the Future Posthistoric Man Theatre Double Game Man in His Theatre International Folk Plays


Problems and Possibilities Poems of Beatrice Ravenel

The Diary of Private Henry Robinson Berkeley

Power, Conflict, and Adaptation in a Psychiatric Hospital Staff

The Story of Cornelia Phillips Spencer

The Life and Times of Aubrey Willis Williams, 1890-1965

The "Seven Strings of the Lyre" by George Sand; Translated with an Introduction and Notes by George A. Kennedy

A Rosenwald Study Selected Readings from Anglo-Saxon Times to 1900 ; In collaboration with Joseph M. Lalley A Cuban View of Abraham Lincoln Studies in His Personality and Background The Santee A Study of Community Decision Making On Making an Ass of Oneself

The Debate over Foreign Policy in Chicago, 1939-1941 Argentine Politial Behavior in the Postwar Era Fine-Art Devices in Fiction ; Translated by Herbert H. Rowen Missionary Diplomacy and the Realities of Power

With Special Reference to the Textile Industry

Image and Reality

Studies in Coleridge, Pater, Santayana, Stevens, and Heidegger

The Place of Plymouth Rock The Economic and Social Revolution

An Inquiry

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