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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Sellers, Charles Grier, Jr., editor Sellers, James B. Sellers, Lelia Semonche, John E.

Southerner as American, The Prohibition Movement in Alabama, 1702-1943, The Charleston Business on the Eve of the American Revolution Ray Stannard Baker

Servies, James A., and Carl R. Dolmetsch, editors Sewell, Elizabeth

Poems of Charles Hansford, The Signs and Cities

Shackford, James Atkins Shackleton Bailey, D. R., editor and translator Shaffer, E. T. H. Shannon, Richard Shapiro, Albert A. Sharot, Stephen Sharp, Robert Lathrop Sharpe, Eric J. Sharpe, Stella Gentry Sheppard, Muriel Earley Sheps, Cecil G., and Eugene E. Taylor

David Crockett Cicero Carolina Gardens Gladstone Beginner's Spanish Grammar, A Messianism, Mysticism, and Magic From Donne to Dryden Nathan S<um>oderblom and the Study of Religion Tobe Cloud by Day Needed Research in Health and Medical Care Criminal Procedure in North Carolina as Shown by Criminal Appeals since 1890 Carlyle's Fusion of Poetry, History, and Religion by 1834 The Quarterly Review under Gifford

Sherrill, George R. Shine, Hill Shine, Hill, and Helen Chadwick Shine

Shine, Hill, editor Shine, Muriel G. Shookman, Ellis Shore, Laurence Siegel, Frederick F.

Booker Memorial Studies Fictional Children of Henry James, The Noble Lies, Slant Truths, Necessary Angels Southern Capitalists Roots of Southern Distinctiveness, The

Simkins, Francis Butler, and Robert Hilliard Woody Simms, Henry H. Simpson, Craig M. Simpson, Eyler N. Simpson, George Lee, Jr. Sinnott, Edmund W. Sirmans, M. Eugene Sitterson, J. Carlyle Sitterson, J. Carlyle, editor Sizer, Theodore, et al. Skaggs, M. L. Slavitt, David R. Slavitt, David R. Sloane, Joseph C. Sloane, Joseph C. Small, John Kunkel Smith, A. Delafield Smith, C. Alphonso Smith, Charles W., Jr. Smith, H. Jeff Smith, Henry Louis Smith, Raymond T., editor Smith, Samuel Denny Smith, T. V.

South Carolina During Reconstruction Decade of Sectional Controversy, 1851-1861, A Good Southerner, A Ejido, The Cokers of Carolina, The Cell and Psyche Colonial South Carolina Secession Movement in North Carolina, The Studies in Southern History Aspects of the Social History of America North Carolina Boundary Disputes Involving Her Southern Line Day Sailing Carnivore, The American Situation, The Paul Marc Joseph Chenavard Manual of the Southeastern Flora Right to Life, The Southern Literary Studies Roger B. Taney Managing Privacy This Troubled Century Kinship Ideology and Practice in Latin America Negro in Congress, 1870-1901, The Discipline for Democracy


A Quest for Democracy in Modern America, 1870-1918

A Blacksmith of York County, Virginia, 1685-1762

The Man and the Legend; Edited by John B. Shackford; With a New Introduction by Michael Lofaro Philippics

Vol. I. 1809-1865

A Sociological Analysis of Jewish Religious Movements The Revolt against Metaphysical Poetry

A Story of Coal and Coke and People A Bio-Social Approach

Identification of Contributors, 1809-1824

Eight Essays on Victorian Literature in Memory of John Manning Booker, 1881-1948

Aspects of Fictionality in the Novels of Christoph Martin Wieland The Ideological Leadership of an Elite, 1832-1885 Tobacco and Society in Danville, Virginia, 1780-1865

The Life of Henry A. Wise of Virginia Mexico's Way Out A Social Biography of a Family The Biology of Purpose A Political History, 1663-1763

The Camera's Century Artist of 1848

A Legal Approach to Society's Responsibility to the Individual

Jacksonian Jurist Information Technology and Corporate America Selected Addresses of Henry Louis Smith

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