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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Smith, Walter L., and William E. Wilkinson, editors Smith, Woodruff D. Snell, John L. Snider, William D. Snyder, Robert E. Soloway, Richard Allen Sorum, Paul Clay Southall, James P. C. Spalding, Rose J. Spann, Meno Spann, Meno Spearman, Walter, with the assistance of Samuel Selden Spears, Rex W., and Cornelius Lansing Spell, Jefferson Rea Spiegel, Henry William Sprague, Claire Spruill, Julia Cherry Squier, Susan Merrill Stabb, Martin S. Stadter, Philip A. Stadter, Philip A. Stadter, Philip A., editor Stafford, William T. Stapleton, Laurence Starbuck, Victor S. Starke, Aubrey Harrison

Proceedings of the Symposium on Congestion Theory German Colonial Empire, The Democratic Movement in Germany, 1789-1914, The Helms and Hunt Cotton Crisis Birth Control and the Population Question in England, 1877-1930 Intellectuals and Decolonization in France In the Days of My Youth Capitalists and Revolution in Nicaragua Second Interlinear German Reader First Interlinear German Reader

Carolina Playmakers, The Group Therapy in Childhood Psychosis Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction Land Tenure Policies at Home and Abroad Rereading Doris Lessing Women's Life and Work in the Southern Colonies Virginia Woolf and London In Quest of Identity A Commentary on Plutarch's "Pericles" Arrian of Nicomedia Speeches of Thucydides, The Books Speaking to Books Justice and World Society Saul, King of Israel Sidney Lanier

Starnes, DeWitt T., and Ernest William Talbert Starnes, DeWitt T., and Gertrude E. Noyes Steadman, John M. Steele, Jeffrey Steelman, Robert Steinberg, Allen

Classical Myth and Legend in Renaissance Dictionaries English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson, 1604-1755, The Milton's Epic Characters Representation of the Self in the American Renaissance, The Catalog of the Lititz Congregation Collection The Transformation of Criminal Justice

Steiner, J<um>urg Steiner, J<um>urg, and Robert H. Dorff Stephens, Robert O. Stern, Frederick C. Stevenson, Lionel Stewart, Bill Stickles, Arndt M. Stiller, Jesse H. Stocking, George W. Stoker, Spencer Stone, Bailey S. Stone, Bailey S. Stout, Hiram Miller Stovall, Floyd, editor Stover, John F. Stover, Robert Strahan, Randall Street, James H.

Amicable Agreement versus Majority Rule Theory of Political Decision Modes, A Hemingway's Nonfiction F. O. Matthiessen Pre-Raphaelite Poets, The Change and Bureaucracy Simon Bolivar Buckner George S. Messersmith, Diplomat of Democracy Basing Point Pricing and Regional Development Schools and International Understanding, The French Parlements and the Crisis of the Old Regime, The Parlement of Paris, 1774-1789, The Public Service in Great Britain Development of American Literary Criticism, The Railroads of the South, 1865-1900, The Nature of Historical Thinking, The New Ways and Means New Revolution in the Cotton Economy, The


; Edited by Hans A. Schmitt The North Carolina Senate Race, 1984

When I Was a Student in the University of Virginia, 1888-1893 Opposition and Accommodation, 1979-1993

The First Fifty Years

Narrative Patterns of Doubling and Repetition

The Sexual Politics of the City Patterns in the Spanish American Essay of Ideas, 1890-1960

A Collection of Original Studies with a Bibliography A Contextual Approach to American Fiction

A Biographical and Critical Study A Study of Renaissance Dictionaries in Their Relation to the Classical Learning of Contemporary English Writers

Image and Idol

Philadelphia, 1800-1880

Conflict Resolution in Switzerland; Revised and Enlarged Edition; Translated from the German by Asger Braendgaard and Barbara Braendgaard; Foreward by Stein Rokkan

The Public Voice Christian Socialist as Critic

Public Administration in Venezuela Borderland Knight

A Case Study of the Iron and Steel Industry

A Study in Finance and Control

Reform and Change in a Congressional Committee Mechanization and Its Consequences

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