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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Wang, Y. C. Ward, Charles E. Ward, J. A. Ward, Paul A. Ward, Paul W. Waring, Stephen P. Warren, W. Preston Watkins, Glenn Watson, Robert, and Gibbons Ruark, editors Watters, Mary Waugh, Edward, and Elizabeth Waugh Waugh, Elizabeth Way, William, Jr. Webb, Mena Weinberg, Sydney Stahl Weiner, Lynn Y. Welch, Charles D., and Gerald D. McCart Welch, Richard E., Jr. Wellek, Ren<ac>e Wellek, Ren<ac>e

Chinese Intellectuals and the West Life of John Dryden, The Search for Form, The Short History of Political Thinking, A Intelligence in Politics Taylorism Transformed Masaryk's Democracy Gesualdo Greensboro Reader, The History of the Church in Venezuela, A South Builds, The North Carolina's Capital, Raleigh Clinchfield Railroad, The Jule Carr The World of Our Mothers From Working Girl to Working Mother Introduction to Soil Science in the Southeast, An Response to Imperialism Attack on Literature and Other Essays, The Rise of English Literary History, The

Wells, William, editor Wenzel, Siegfried

Spenser Allusions Sin of Sloth, The

Wenzel, Siegfried, editor Wettach, Robert H., editor Whalen, Charles W., Jr. Whaling, Thornton Wharton, Henry Wharton, Vernon L. Whisnant, David E. Whitaker, Bessie Lewis Whitaker, Thomas R.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Number 7 Century of Legal Education, A House and Foreign Policy, The Science and Religion Today Life of John Smith, The Negro in Mississippi, 1865-1890, The Rascally Signs in Sacred Places Provincial Council and Committees of Safety in North Carolina, The Swan and Shadow

White, Christine A. White, Mimi White, Ray Lewis, editor White, Stephen D.

British and American Commercial Relations with Soviet Russia, 1918-1924 Tele-Advising Return to Winesburg Custom, Kinship, and Gifts to Saints

White, Stephen D. White, William Allen Whitener, Daniel Jay Whiting, George W. Whittington, Dale, editor Wickwire, Franklin B., and Mary B. Wickwire Wilbur, Charles K. Wilgus, A. Curtis, editor Willey, Malcolm M. William Hayes Ackland Memorial Art Center Williams, Arnold Williams, Arnold, editor Williams, James M. Williams, John E., and John Kenneth Morland Williams, Jonathan Williams, Mary Wilhelmine

Sir Edward Coke and "The Grievances of the Commonwealth," 1621-1628 Some Cycles of Cathay Prohibition in North Carolina, 1715-1945 Milton's Literary Milieu High Hopes for High Tech Cornwallis Soviet Model and Underdeveloped Countries, The Hispanic-American Essays Country Newspaper, The William Hayes Ackland Memorial Art Center Catalogue of the Collection Common Expositor, The Tribute to George Coffin Taylor, A Human Aspects of Unemployment and Relief Race, Color, and the Young Child Ear in Bartram's Tree, An Dom Pedro the Magnanimous



Studies in the Structure of James's Fiction

An Approach to Social Problems Scientific Management Theory since 1945

The Man and His Music; Preface by Igor Stravinsky

; Advised by Henry L. Kamphoefner

The Story of a Trade Route across the Blue Ridge Mountains General without an Army The Lives of Jewish Immigrant Women The Female Labor Force in the United States, 1820-1980

The United States and the Philippine-American War, 1899-1902

In the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries; Ray Heffner, Dorothy E. Mason, and Frederick M. Padelford, compilers Acedia in Medieval Thought and Literature Proceedings of the Southeastern Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Summer 1975

The Irony of Congressional Reform; Foreward by Edmund S. Muskie

English Soldier; Translated from Latin by Laura Polanyi Striker

The Politics of Culture in Nicaragua

Yeats's Dialogue with History

Therapeutic Discourse in American Television Selections from Four Years of Writing for a Country Newspaper The "Laudatio Parentum" in Western France, 1050-1150

Microelectronics Policy in North Carolina The Imperial Years

A Memorial to James Alexander Robertson A Study of Socialization and Newspaper Content Volume 1, Painting and Selected Sculpture An Account of the Commentaries on Genesis, 1527-1633 Studies and Essays, Chiefly Elizabethan, by His Students and Friends

Selected Poems, 1957-1967 Second Emperor of Brazil

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