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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Williams, Robin M., Jr., and Margaret W. Ryan Williamson, Craig, editor Williamson, Jeffrey G. Willis, Carrie Hunter, and Lucy S. Saunders Wilson, Charles Morrow Wilson, Daniel J. Wilson, J. Dover, editor Wilson, Louis R. Wilson, Louis R. Wilson, Louis R., editor Wilson, Peter Mitchel Wilson, Robert N. Wilson, Woodrow Wiltse, Charles Maurice Windrow, John Edwin Winston, Robert Watson Winston, Sanford

Schools in Transition Old English Riddles of the "Exeter Book," The American Growth and the Balance of Payments, 1820-1913 Those Who Dared Backwoods America Arthur O. Lovejoy and the Quest for Intelligibility Schools of England, The Harry Woodburn Chase University of North Carolina, 1900-1930, The Selected Papers of Cornelia Phillips Spencer, The Southern Exposure Writer as Social Seer, The Robert E. Lee Jeffersonian Tradition in American Democracy, The John Berrien Lindsley Horace Williams Illiteracy in the United States and Its Social Significance

Wolfe, Bertram D. Wolfe, John H.

Revolution and Reality Jeffersonian Democracy in South Carolina

Wolfe, Thomas Wolman, Paul Wood, Charles Woodside, Moya Woodward, James B. Woodward, Ralph Lee, Jr. Woodward, Ralph Lee, Jr. Woofter, T. J., Jr. Woofter, T. J., Jr., and Ellen Winston Woosley, A. D. Woosley, John B. Wooten, Cecil W. Wooten, Cecil W., translator Wootten, Barbara Wormley, Stanton L. Wright, Charles David Wright, Harry K. Wright, Louis B. Wright, Louis B., et al., editors Wunderlich, Frieda, and Ernst Fraenkel Wurfel, Seymour W. Wyche, Mary Lewis Yarborough, Minnie Clare, editor York, Reginald O. Zaleski, Eug<gr>ene Zaleski, Eug<gr>ene

Beyond Love and Loyalty Most Favored Nation First, the Fields Sterilization in North Carolina Ivan Bunin Robinson Crusoe's Island Class Privilege and Economic Development Plight of Cigarette Tobacco, The Seven Lean Years Law and Obedience State Taxation of Banks Cicero's "Philippics" and Their Demosthenic Model Hermogenes' "On Types of Style" Freedom under Planning Heine in England Early Rising Foreign Enterprise in Mexico Religion and Empire Royster Memorial Studies German Labor Courts Foreign Enterprise in Colombia History of Nursing in North Carolina, The Reminiscences of William C. Preston, The Human Service Planning Stalinist Planning for Economic Growth, 1933-1952 Planning for Economic Growth in the Soviet Union, 1918-1932

Zaleski, Eug<gr>ene Zelinsky, Wilbur Ziegler, Benjamin Munn Zuber, Richard L.

Planning Reforms in the Soviet Union, 1962-1966 Nation into State International Law of John Marshall, The Jonathan Worth


Community Experiences in Desegregation

A Study of the Long Swing

A Study in Renaissance

The Making of a Modern University

An Interpretaion

Educator, Physician, Social Philosopher Gadfly of Chapel Hill

Essays on the Origin and Fate of the Soviet System; Introduction by Lewis S. Feuer

The Letters of Thomas Wolfe and Elizabeth Nowell, Together with "No More Rivers," a Story by Thomas Wolfe. Edited by Richard S. Kennedy The Republican Revisionists and U.S. Tariff Policy, 1897-1912

A Sociological and Psychological Study A Study of His Fiction A History of the Juan Fern<ac>andez Islands The Consulado de Comercio of Guatemala, 1793-1871

The Arguments of Plato's "Crito"

The Rhetoric of Crisis

Law and Policies The Alliance between Piety and Commerce in English Expansion, 1558-1625

Laws and Policies ; Edited by Edna L. Heinzerling

Concepts, Tools, and Methods ; Translated and edited by Marie-Christine MacAndrew and John H. Moore ; Translated and edited by Marie-Christine MacAndrew and G. Warren Nutter An Analysis of Recent Trends in Economic Organization and Management; Translated by Marie-Christine MacAndrew and G. Warren Nutter The Shifting Symbolic Foundations of American Nationalism

A Biography of a Southern Unionist

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