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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Bireley, Robert, S.J. Bishir, Catherine W., Charlotte V. Brown, Carl R. Lounsbury, and Ernest H. Wood III Bisland, Elizabeth Blalock, Hubert M., Jr. Blanchard, Elizabeth Amis Cameron, and Manly Wade Wellman Blankenagel, John C. Bloomer, W. Martin Blumenthal, Henry Blumenthal, Henry Blythe, LeGette Blythe, LeGette Boardman, Philip Bodman, Herbert L., Jr. Boerker, Richard H. D. Bond, Richmond P., editor Bondanella, Peter Bonwick, Colin Borden, Morton Bordin, Ruth Borus, Daniel H. Bosch, William J.

Religion and Politics in the Age of Counterreformation

Architects and Builders in North Carolina Three Wise Men of the East Causal Inferences in Nonexperimental Research

Life and Times of Sir Archie, The Dramas of Heinrich von Kleist, The Valerius Maximus and the Rhetoric of the New Nobility France and the United States Reappraisal of Franco-American Relations, 1830-1871, A William Henry Belk Bold Galilean Patrick Geddes Political Factors in Aleppo, 1760-1826 Behold Our Green Mansions Studies in the Early English Periodical Eternal City, The English Radicals and the American Revolution Jews, Turks, and Infidels Frances Willard Writing Realism Judgment on Nuremberg

Bose, Ashish, P. B. Desai, and S. P. Jain, compile Bose, R. C., and others, editors Bose, R. C., and T. A. Dowling, editors Botsch, Robert Emil Bowers, Fredson, editor Bowes, Frederick P. Bowles, Elisabeth Ann Boyd, Carolyn P. Boyd, James Boyle, Robert, S.J. Bozeman, Theodore Dwight Bradbury, John M. Bradbury, John M. Brady, Linda P. Branson, E. C. Brashear, Minnie M. Brawley, Benjamin Brawley, Benjamin Brawley, Benjamin, editor Brearley, H. C. Bredahl, A. Carl, Jr. Breitman, Richard Brennan, Ellen E. Brinkhous, Kenneth M., editor Brinkhous, Kenneth M., editor Brinkhous, Kenneth M., editor Brinkhous, Kenneth M., editor Brittain, M. L. Broadwater, Jeff Broe, Mary Lynn, and Angela Ingram, editors

rs Studies in Demography Essays in Probability and Statistics Combinatorial Mathematics and Its Applications We Shall Not Overcome Fary Knight or Oberon the Second, The Culture of Early Charleston, The Good Beginning, A Praetorian Politics in Liberal Spain Old Pines and Other Stories Metaphor in Hopkins Protestants in an Age of Science Renaissance in the South Fugitives, The The Politics of Negotiation Farm Life Abroad Mark Twain, Son of Missouri Negro Builders and Heroes Paul Laurence Dunbar Early Negro American Writers Homicide in the United States New Ground German Socialism and Weimar Democracy Plural Office-Holding in Massachusetts, 1760-1780 Hemophilia and New Hemorrhagic States Hemophilias, The Hemophilia and Other Hemorrhagic States Hemophilia and Hemophiliod Diseases Story of Georgia Tech, The Eisenhower and the Anti-Communist Crusade Women's Writing in Exile


Emperor Ferdinand II, William Lamormaini, S.J., and the Formation of Imperial Policy

A History of the Practice of Building

The Story of America's Greatest Thoroughbred, 1805-1833 A Biographical and Critical Study

Their Diplomatic Relations, 1789-1914

Merchant of the South

Maker of the Future

Roman Images in the Modern World

A Biography Howells, James, and Norris in the Mass Market American Attitudes toward the Major German War-Crime Trials

Populism and Southern Blue-Collar Workers A Manuscript Play Attributed to Thomas Randolph

The First Four Decades of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The Baconian Ideal and Antebellum American Religious Thought A Critical History of the Literature, 1920-1960 A Critical Account America's Dealings with Allies, Adversaries, and Friends Field Letters from Germany, Denmark, and France

Poet of His People

Western American Narrative and the Literary Canon

Its Relation to the "Separation" of Departments of Government Fourth International Symposium Third International Symposium International Symposium, Rome

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