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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Faatz, Anita J. Falk, Eugene H. Farley, Jean Farrell, Kirby Fauset, Arthur Huff Favour, Alpheus H. Fay, Peter Ward Federal Writers' Project, Regional Staff

Nature of Choice in Casework Process, The Poetics of Roman Ingarden, The Figure and Field Play, Death, and Heroism in Shakespeare Sojourner Truth Old Bill Williams Opium War, 1840-42, The These Are Our Lives

Federal Writers' Project, W.P.A. of North Carolina Feibleman, James K. Feibleman, James K. Fels, Rendigs Ferguson, James M., editor

North Carolina Revival of Realism, The Positive Democracy American Business Cycles Public Debt and Future Generations Lipoids and Blood Platelets with Reference to Blood Coagulation and the Hemorrhagic Diseases Agrarian Women Rebels in Bohemia Robert Burns Thackeray's Critics Plantation Slavery in Georgia North Carolina Politics Freedman's Savings Bank, The Arkansas Search for a New Order, The

Ferguson, John H. Fink, Deborah Fishbein, Leslie Fitshugh, Robert T., editor Flamm, Dudley Flanders, Ralph Betts Fleer, Jack D. Fleming, Walter L. Fletcher, John Gould Fletcher, Miles

Fletcher, William Miles, III Florence, Chris Florence, P. Sargant Floyd, Joe Summers, Jr. Flynn, George Q. Foerster, Norman Foerster, Norman Foerster, Norman Foerster, Norman and others Foner, Philip S. Foster, Charles I. Foust, Clifford M. Fowler, Barbara Hughes (trans.) Fraistat, Neil Fraistat, Neil, editor Frankfurter, Felix Franklin, John Hope

The Japanese Business Community and National Trade Policy, 1920-1942 Carolina Home Gardener Logic of British and American Industry, The Effects of Taxation on Industrial Location Lewis B. Hershey, Mr. Selective Service Humanities and the Common Man, The American State University, The American Scholar, The Literary Scholarship Business and Slavery Errand of Mercy, An Muscovite and Mandarin Love Lyrics of Ancient Egypt Poem and the Book, The Poems in Their Place Commerce Clause under Marshall, Taney, and Waite, The Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860, The


God's Faithful Pilgrim Mountain Man

A Guide to the Old North State Critical Studies in Contemporary Philosophy


Wives and Mothers in Rural Nebraska, 1880-1940 The Radicals of "The Masses," 1911-1917 His Associates and Contemporaries An Annotated Bibliography of British and American Criticism, 1836-1901

An Introduction A Chapter in the Economic History of the Negro Race

Intellectuals and Fascism in Prewar Japan

A Realistic Analysis of Economic Structure and Government

Its Relation to Democracy A Study in Litterae Inhumaniores Its Aims and Methods The New York Merchants and the Irrepressible Conflict The Evangelical United Front, 1790-1837 Russia's Trade with China and Its Setting, 1727-1805

Interpreting Collections of Romantic Poetry Intertextuality and Order of Poetic Collections

Franz, Adolph Ingram Frary, I. T. Freedman, Charles E. Friedman, Kathi V. Friedman, Lawrence M., and Robert V. Percival Fries, Adelaide L., Stuart Thomas Wright, and J. Edwin Hendricks Fryer, Judith Fulmer, John Leonard Funigiello, Philip J. Galdames, Luis

Half a Hundred Thralls to Faust Early American Doorways Joint-Stock Enterprise in France, 1807-1867 Legitimation of Social Rights and the Western Welfare State Roots of Justice, The

Forsyth Felicitous Space Agricultural Progress in the Cotton Belt Since 1920 American-Soviet Trade in the Cold War History of Chile, A

A Study Based on the British and American Translators of Goethe's "Faust," 1823-1949

From Privileged Company to Modern Corporation A Weberian Perspective Crime and Punishment in Alameda County

The History of a County on the March; revised edition The Imaginative Structures of Edith Wharton and Willa Cather

Translated and edited by Isaac J. Cox

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