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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Gale, Robert L. Gallagher, Gary W. Gardiner, C. Harvey, editor Garrett, George Gates, Robbins L. Gatewood, Willard B., Jr. Gee, Wilson, editor Geison, Gerald L., editor Gerteis, Louis S. Gibson, William Marion Giddings, Franklin H. Gilbert, Allan H. Gilbert, Gorman, and Robert E. Samuels Gilbert, Katherine Gilman, Glenn Gilmore, Harlan W. Gilmore, Thomas B. Gilpin, Ruth Ginestier, Paul Ginns, Patsy Moore Girgus, Sam B. Glass, Bentley Godfrey, Eleanor Smith

Caught Image, The Stephen Dodson Ramseur Mexico, 1825-1828 Abraham's Knife Making of Massive Resistance, The Preachers, Pedagogues, and Politicians Country Life of the Nation, The Professions and Professional Ideologies in America Morality and Utility in American Antislavery Reform Aliens and the Law Scientific Study of Human Society, The On the Composition of "Paradise Lost" Taxicab, The Studies in Recent Aesthetic Human Relations in the Industrial Southeast Beggar, The Equivocal Spirits Theory and Practice as a Single Reality Poet and the Machine, The Snowbird Gravy and Dishpan Pie New Covenant, The Science and Ethical Values Development of English Glassmaking, 1560-1640, The

Godfrey, James Logan Godfrey, James Logan, Fletcher M. Green, and W. W. Pierson, editors Godsey, Edwin Goering, John M., editor Gold, Barbara K. Golden, Leon Gombosi, Marilyn, compiler GonzMac>ales, Manuel Pedro Gosnell, Harpur Allen Gotoff, Harold C. Grabo, Carl Grabo, Carl Grabo, Carl Grabo, Carl Grabo, Norman S. Graham, Hugh Davis Graham, John, Jr. Graham, Philip Grant, W. Leonard Graves, W. Brooke Green, Charlotte Hilton Green, Elizabeth Lay Green, Fletcher M. Green, Fletcher M. Green, Fletcher M., editor Green, Paul Green, Paul Green, Paul Green, Paul Green, Paul

Revolutionary Justice

Graduate School Dissertations and Theses, The Cabin Fever Housing Desegregation and Federal Policy Literary Patronage in Greece and Rome In Praise of Prometheus Catalog of the Johannes Herbst Collection Jos<ac>e Mart<ac><i> Rebel Raider Cicero's Caesarian Speeches Magic Plant, The Meaning of "The Witch of Atlas," The Prometheus Unbound Newton Among Poets, A Coincidental Art of Charles Brogdon Brown, The Uncertain Triumph, The Housing in Scandinavia Life and Poems of Mirabeau B. Lamar Neo-Latin Literature and the Pastoral Uniform State Action Trees of the South Negro in Contemporary American Literature, The Ferry Hill Plantation Journal Constitutional Development in the South Atlantic States, 1776-1860 Essays in Southern History Home to My Valley Dog on the Sun Common Glory, The Forever Growing Hawthorn Tree, The


Figurative Language in the Fiction of Henry James Lee's Gallant General The Journal and Correspondence of Edward Thornton Tayloe

Virginia's Politics of Public School Desegregation, 1954-1956 The Evolution Controversy in North Carolina, 1920-1927

Some Legal Aspects of the National Treatment of Aliens in the United States

A Study of the Ordering and Insertion of Material An Urban Transportation Survivor

A Study of the Textile Industry

Alcoholism and Drinking in Twentieth-Century Literature An Essay in Social Work Education Translated by Martin B. Friedman Mountain People Recall; J. L. Osborne, Jr., artist Jewish Writers and the American Idea

A Study of the Organization, Personnel, and Procedure of the Paris Tribunal, 1793-1795

Humanism and Rationalism in Aeschylean Thought

Epic Chronicler of the United States in the Eighties Being an Account of Raphael Semmes's Cruise in the "C.S.S. Sumter" A Stylistic Commentary The Growth of Shelley's Thought

An Interpretation Shelley's Use of Science in "Prometheus Unbound"

Federal Education Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Years Urban and Rural

A Possible Substitute for Centralization

January 4, 1838-January 15, 1839 A Study in the Evolution of Democracy

A Volume of Stories A Symphonic Drama of American History Some Notes on a Credo for Teachers Some Papers and Letters on Life and the Theatre

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