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Note: Be sure to tag each hose, harness, and wire as it

is removed to

be sure it






Caution: Make sure not to damage transmission oil pan with transmission jack, and that the unit cannot slip on jack.

Caution: When pulling the package from the chassis, make sure that all hoses, harnesses, and cables are disconnected and secured from possible damage.

wraps are removed the various hoses and harnesses can be separated from each other.

    • b.

      Once this is done, move the chassis related items over the top of the engine and tie them up out of the way.

  • 30.

    Remove front and rear motor support bolts.

  • 31.

    Place a transmission jack beneath the transmission, taking care not to damage the oil pan, making sure the transmission sets firmly on the jack.

  • 32.

    Connect engine lifting hoist (floor crane or fork lift) to a bar or chain between the front and rear lifting eyes.

  • 33.

    Lift the engine and transmission package slightly.

  • 34.

    Remove the engine front support crossmember from the chassis.

  • 35.

    With adequate assistance, carefully pull the engine package from the chassis, making sure all hoses, cables, harnesses have been disconnected.

  • 36.

    After removal, place the package on a secure and stable mount.

  • 37.

    If a replacement engine is to be installed, place it beside the old engine and transfer all fittings, hoses, components that are needed on the new engine. Make sure each is installed in the same exact position as removed from the old engine.

  • 38.

    Depending on the service life of the major accessories being moved, replace them with exchange units; alternator, starter, hydraulic pump, air compressor, belts, etc.

  • 39.

    If the radiator has high mileage on it, or if it has contaminated coolant in it, send it out to be cleaned and tested. The same applies to the charge air cooler. Removal and installation of the CAC is covered in the Cooling section.

Engine Installation

Assuming all accessories, hoses, cables, etc. have been installed in the same position as on the original engine, prepare the engine package for installation. All loose or hanging hoses, cables, harnesses should be tied securely against the engine to prevent interference as the engine is moved into place.

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