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flash. The lamp will then flash to indicate a 2 digit code. Release the Cruise Control switch at this point. Count the first sequence of flashes to determine the first digit of the failure code. After a 2 second pause the second digit of the failure code will be flashed by the engine lamp.

If additional faults have occurred, the applicable failure code(s) will then be flashed after a short pause.

Flash code 55 signals "No Detected Faults" have occurred since the ignition switch was turned ON.

This subject is covered more in detail on pages 50 and 51 in the 3100 HEUI Operation and Maintenance Manual.

For various failure codes see the chart on page 13-11 for Diagnostic Flash Codes/Engine Performance Relationship.

Initial Start-Up

When coolant temperature is below 640F (180C) the ECM causes the engine to operate in a COLD MODE. During the COLD MODE operation the engine will operate at the predetermined FAST IDLE, 1000 rpm, horsepower is limited, and under certain conditions the AIR INLET Heater may operate. The engine should not be operated under full load until coolant temperature reaches 1600F (710C), which will reduce the possibility of sticking valves due to a build-up of unburned fuel on the valve stems.

Inlet Air Heater and Lamp

The Inlet Air system incorporates an Inlet Air Heater in the intake manifold and a "MAN HTR" Lamp on the dash, connected in parallel. When the heater is ON, the dash lamp is ON at the same time.

The Inlet Air Heater is used to improve start ability in cold weather and reduce white smoke. The ECM controls the heater and lamp through a relay mounted beside the intake manifold. Heater operation is determined during three stages of engine operation: Power-up/Preheat, Cranking, and Engine Started cycle.

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