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mirror its critical applications, such as SAP, from its primary data center to a separate data center. Toyota accomplishes the same mirroring with clustered Exchange and SQL servers by using EMC SRDF/Cluster Enabler (CE) software.

With EMC TimeFinder®/Mirror software, Toyota Motorsport creates business continuance volumes (BCVs) of Symmetrix production data for backup, recovery, and testing without disrupting online operations. Toyota Motorsport also uses EMC SnapSure™ software to create read-only copies of engineering drawings stored on Celerra several times a day, allowing designers to recall earlier versions.

Schiller explained, “Our business continuity environment has more than met our expec- tations. Before, recovery of our core applications, such as CAD, took approximately three days and our data loss exposure was more than five percent. Today, our SLAs specify a maximum of two hours for a complete failover to a separate data center, with zero data loss for our most critical environments, including SAP and Exchange. Fortunately, we haven’t experienced such disruption. Our failover tests have worked perfectly, providing us with the confidence we absolutely must have in this environment.”

“Our operations would dramatically slow and even halt if our critical applications were interrupted. In our SAP environment, for example, we’ve been able to increase our avail- ability to 99.995 percent. The advanced functionality of EMC’s SRDF and TimeFinder fam- ily software and high-end Symmetrix systems make this possible.”

Economic protection at the mid-tier

To maximize use of high-end storage resources, Toyota Motorsport relies on mid-tier CLARiiON® CX series Fibre Channel systems to store engineering data during various points of the racing season. Once the races begin, a CLARiiON CX series system resides at the track to gather performance and other statistics that are continually analyzed by trackside engineers. After the race is completed, this data is transmitted to the EMC Symmetrix and Celerra storage systems for further analysis.

Once a new race begins, Toyota Motorsport relies on Enigma SmartMove software pro- vided by EMC’s partner, Enigma Data Solutions, to move data from one storage tier to another according to user-defined policies. Data from the previous race which no longer requires the advanced functionality and protection of the Symmetrix/Celerra environ- ment, for example, is automatically moved to CLARiiON CX series systems with lower- cost ATA disks. Using EMC MirrorView™/Synchronous software, Toyota Motorsport also synchronously replicates data stored on CLARiiON systems to the other data center.

Schiller noted, “As 90 percent of the engineering data collected during a race and the fol- lowing two weeks is classified as less than critical once the next race begins, its move- ment to CLARiiON ATA storage makes economic sense. The data still is readily available at a lower cost per megabyte, and Toyota Motorsport can store more new data on Symmetrix without having to purchase additional high-end capacity. This also allows us to back up our Symmetrix data more quickly because there is simply less of it.”

In addition, EMC Replication Manager software has helped simplify the replication process across Toyota Motorsport’s Symmetrix and CLARiiON environments. Replication Manager provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface that eliminates the manual scripting typically involved in setting up replicas and centralizes access to the entire process—on both the Symmetrix and the CLARiiON systems.

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