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Fifty-two percent savings in storage acquisition costs

In 2003, Toyota Motorsport added EMC Centera™ Governance Edition (GE) content- addressed storage as the data archive layer in its tiered storage environment. Toyota Motorsport uses IXOS EconServer for Microsoft Exchange to move mailbox content that has not been accessed for 30 days from the Symmetrix storage directly to the Centera for long-term archival storage. Policies established using Centera software ensure safe stor- age and retention of e-mail for the specified length of time. Toyota Motorsport then moves Exchange content not accessed on the Centera after 12 to 18 months to tape.

Schiller commented, “When our aged data no longer needs the high-end capabilities of Symmetrix, we have systems in place to automatically archive this information to our Centera. This shift has allowed us to move more than 25 percent of our production data to Centera. Because we’ve scaled back our growing backup requirements at the high- end, we’ve reduced the time to back up our production data by more than 25 percent.”

“In addition, we’re saving 52 percent in storage acquisition costs because the Symmetrix capacity freed by Centera can be redirected to other needs without buying more storage. Our IT staff productivity has increased with the high degree of automation now in place and Centera’s self-managing architecture. It’s also much easier and faster for our users to retrieve data stored on Centera compared with finding data backed up on tape.”

Centera also plays an important part in keeping historical engineering data—such as bench and road test details of Toyota Motorsport’s racecars for any given race—always available through extensive self-checking and data integrity features. As these large sets of data are archived from Symmetrix to Centera, they are eliminated from the regular backup process, again reducing backup and recovery time and storage requirements.

As another layer of protection, Toyota Motorsport also replicates its Centera archives to another Centera located at the separate data center using EMC Centera replication software.

Because these archiving projects have been so successful, Toyota Motorsport plans to transfer historical SAP data to Centera for compliance with German laws and Sarbanes- Oxley regulations.

Backup-to-disk delivers up to 40 percent faster backup and restore process

Even though Toyota Motorsport has greatly reduced its backup requirements by archiv- ing data to Centera, it continually seeks ways to make the backup and recovery process more efficient. Instead of backing up all of its data to tape, Toyota Motorsport is now backing up a growing portion of its data to EMC CLARiiON ATA disk.

“Not only are we saving money by not having to always buy additional tapes,” explained Schiller, “but we’re saving time, too. Our backup and restore procedures are 20 percent faster than before as a result of deploying EMC backup-to-disk. In fact, we’ve seen the restore time for one of our Exchange mailboxes improve by 40 percent. During the race season especially, when every minute counts, this improvement is huge. And, we’re no longer racing against the clock to get our backups completed before they disrupt our pro- duction operations.”

Toyota Motorsport uses EMC TimeFinder/Mirror software to create BCV copies of its Exchange data stored on the Symmetrix system. These copies are then backed up to CLARiiON ATA disk using the EMC Data Manager (EDM™) backup and recovery solution. Toyota plans to deploy EMC NetWorker™ software to manage backup-to-disk operations.

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