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STAGING LOCATION is again at the spacious Hood River County Fairgrounds! Course is approximately 150 miles on each day, two different loops. The adventure-bike course options will be longer and easier. Dualsport course will consist of A, B, & C options. Adventure course will be the C course (but extended), consisting of gravel, dirt and paved roads. Per USFS, 200 rider limit, so send in your entry early! This is NOT a race, but a fun, EZ-to-follow, on/off-road, leisurely, scenic and historic tour through the beautiful Mt. Hood & Gifford-Pinchot National Forests! Quiet mufflers are mandatory and can only help our sport! Nothing acceptable above 94db – loud pipes stay home! Must be street legal. Sign up begins at 6:00am. Riders leave at 7:30am Be sure to bring an enduro-type roll chart holder to facilitate your roll chart. Highly recommended! We may have a few available for sale. Course instructions will be by accurate roll chart, topographical map & ribbons. These high-quality roll chart instructions will consist of mileage displayed in tenths/hundredths of a mile with turn instructions, similar to an enduro JART Chart and Dakar-style events. Odometer resets will be approximately every 10+ miles to accommodate speedometer error. Course is laid out with an enduro computer for ultimate accuracy to 1/100th of a mile. Bring rain gear in case of bad weather (Remember: this is the Northwest ) Past rides have been hot dogs and wet dogs. Prizes will be awarded by accumulated points earned on games of chance at checkpoints plus Vintage, Long Distance & Hard Luck awards. Main (B) course will consist of EZ dirt roads with pavement kept to an absolute minimum. This event caters to ALL manor of dualsport & adventure bikes, whether it’s a large BMW GS or a small trailbike. The main B course is passable by an advanced Jeep driver, per AMA rules. Trailriding skills are required for the dualsport course. Optional advanced challenging trail sections throughout the event will be available for the hardcore dualsporters who want more of a venture. In case the forest is closed due to weather or fire conditions, an alternate course will be selected. Bring a camera! This is a beautiful area! Refreshments can be purchased along the way. Lunch will be provided. You will need to be able to go at least 70~80 miles on a tank of gas (between gas stops).

2011 Black Dog On-line Pre-entry Form

Fill out and return with TWO, LEGAL-SIZE SASE (self addressed stamped envelopes) to: ⇒⇒⇒

NW Tour & Trail M/C c/o Tom Niemela 1101 SE 53rd Court Hillsboro, OR 97123

Make check payable ONLY to: NW Tour & Trail M.C.

No Refunds.

No return envelopes, no info!

  • !!!Print clearly dammit or risk death!! NO SCRIBBLE !!

Which event? (must circle one!) ▬▬▬►

Dualsport Bike Ride

or Adventure Bike Ride

Rider Name:




(in dog years):


Passenger Name:




(in dog years):


Mailing Address:





_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Z i p :



_ _ _ _ ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Email address:


Bike make & model:_________________ Size:________ Year:______ Insurance Company:_____________________________________

AMA #:


OMRA member (Dualsport Series points)?: Y N

Dog Tag


Will you camp?: Y N

Emergency name & phone number:


Amount enclosed:$____________

T-shirt size - one per first 50 pre-entries only (please circle): M L XL 2XL (If no shirt size is circled, you will get a size XL) T-

shirts can also be purchased at the event.

How did you hear about this ride?


Which day(s) will you ride? Friday Night:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S a t u r d a y : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S u n d a y : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Pre-entry must be received by May 27. 2 day cost: $75 entry fee, $30 per passenger. 1 day cost: $40 entry fee, $15 per passenger

post-entry (after May 27): add $10 each entry. Entry includes a very detailed JART enduro type roll chart and route map. Declaration and Statement of Responsibility: I have voluntarily entered a sanctioned event. I hereby agree to conform to and comply with the rules governing this event and its activities. I further agree to hold blameless the AMA, NWT&T, BHY, OMRA, USFS, BLM, Bonneville Power, Hood River County, Longview Fiber, SDS Lumber, Timberline, Meadows, Ski Bowl, Cooper Spur, ODF, Mt. Hood Village and any owners of premises for any loss or injury to myself or my property which may result from my participation in this event.

[To some extent, all motor vehicles are inherently dangerous. You should take part in this event based on your own assessment of your abilities. Routes may traverse public roads and highways and the promoter is not responsible for their condition or the actions of the other individuals using public roads and highways. The promoter does not provide medical insurance. We urge you not to operate a motorcycle without medical coverage.]

I have read and agree with this release.





“Come on out and ride The Dawg!”

Signature of parent or guardian if rider is under 18 years of age:





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