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NEWSLETTER The Newsletter of the First Responder Technologies Program

Volume 2 Issue 10 October 2009

At Your Fingertips (continued)

information resources has led to more and faster criminal arrests and successful prosecutions. In 2008, investigators in Tucson used smartphones to look up criminal histories and comb through police reports in real time, which allowed them to arrest both a murder suspect and several fraud suspects who might otherwise have eluded them. Ocers in southern Arizona and ICE agents in the area have also used the system to access maps and aerial photographs to assist their investigations.

“The technology is very benecial. [Criminal justice agents] don’t have to depend on having access to a police department-provided data signal to use computer systems. This means ocers can be anywhere their PDAs [personal digital assistants] receive a cellular data signal,” said Wysocki.

According to ICE Senior Special Agent Timothy Westlove, AZLink also played a critical role in protecting ocer safety in an ICE investigation in Tucson. ICE agents investigating a suspected marijuana smuggling ring used AZLink to determine that individuals involved in the investigation had a history of weapons possession and violence. Forewarned by this information, ICE deployed the Tucson Special Response Team to serve a high-risk warrant, and agents recovered numerous weapons, more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana, and $21,000 in cash.

Based on the technology’s performance in various trials, including one at the 2008 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale,

Tucson ocer uses AZLink to check a suspect’s background. Photo courtesy of Tucson Police Department.

Arizona, DHS S&T provided more than 200 AZLink- enabled wireless devices to around 20 law enforcement units at the federal, tribal, state, and local levels throughout Arizona. Baicar noted that law enforcement agencies in other states also want to be connected to AZLink or a similar product.

The project is considering expanding the mobile devices using AZLink to next-generation PDAs or Netbook laptop computers. Baicar said that the new generation of PDAs and Netbooks can provide and capture detailed imagery and video to assist all incident responders on the scene.

For additional information on the Tucson Police Department, visit http://tpdinternet.tucsonaz.gov. For more information on the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, visit http://cid.dps.state.az.us.


PPE Section Updates

The Responder Knowledge Base (RKB), located at www. rkb.us, provides an enormous amount of information to the emergency response community. The largest section of the Website, the Products Module, contains information about equipment marketed towards first responders. Responders and equipment purchasers can visit RKB to view commercially available equipment via this single source, saving time.

Containing over 1,600 product records, the personal protective equipment (PPE) product category is particularly popular and is continually monitored for accuracy. Subcategories of the PPE section include ensembles, respiratory protection equipment, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), water operations, body armor, and other clothing items.


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