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Stay out of places where you will be tempted to drink

If you are in situations where you may lose your temper. Leave. Implore God – grow your soul.

What about battles that take place in our own heads. Thinking badly of others, harboring suspicion or ego.

By thinking of the temptation it becomes that much more of our thoughts

And thoughts have a tendency to move toward what we spend our time thinking about

So we need to avoid temptation either physically or mentally. If you know you will be tempted refrain God will reward you – God will strengthen your hear – if you show you care more about God then about the temptation God will protect you from sing for being one of God’s constituents.

Example of eagles.

When eagles are being pestered by crows. The eagle dosen’t waste its energy fighting off the crows, what the eagle does is that he flies to an altitude the crows can’t stand.

[6:125] Whomever GOD wills to guide, He renders his chest wide open to Submission. And whomever He wills to send astray, He renders his chest intolerant and straitened, like one who climbs towards the sky.* GOD thus places a curse upon those who refuse to believe.

What about situations you are provoked without forewarning?

Boiling point

If you knew that this was all a show would you be upset when you are experiencing the event? This life is an illusion, and at all times God has 100% control there is not an atom in the heavens or earth that is out of his control. So it is at these times that we will have to submit to our Lord and see if all our deeds were in vain or if they did truly grow and develop our souls.

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