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Princesses Practice Poise

(say that three times fast!)

It takes more than just a fashionable outfit, and fabulous hair to make a Princess. A real princess has to have poise. A true Royal Highness needs to have grace, good manners, and be able to think on her toes too! Here are a couple of games to test everyone’s Princess skills!

Princess Poise Relay Race

Materials: 3-4 Hardcover books (to be balanced on the head) A space large enough for a “race” course 10-15 “ long


  • 1.

    Mark a starting line, and mark another spot 10-15” away that racers much reach and come back from.

  • 2.

    Divide the players into 2-4 teams, depending on how many Princesses are playing

  • 3.

    Each team lines up one behind the other at the starting line

  • 4.

    When you say “GO!” the first player in each line must put the book on their head and walk out and back to the line without dropping the book. (Younger children may use a hand, older children may not.) If the book drops they must pick it up, balance it, and continue.

  • 5.

    When the player successfully returns to the line, the next team member takes the book. The first team to finish going out and back are the “Rather Regal Royalty”. Prizes may be given at the store’s discretion

Cinderella Says

Materials: An open space

Game: (Played like Simon Says)

Choose one person to be Cinderella. She’s the queen of the ball, and she will call out commands that princesses know how to do. (Bow, curtsey, wave, blow kisses, twirl etc.)

“Cinderella says…curtsey. Cinderella says…twirl around. Cinderella says…wave to the crowd.”

But if she doesn’t say “Cinderella”…anyone who follows her command is out! Continue until one princess is left standing and then choose a new Cinderella.

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