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(4)Adopts the following conclusions concerning the use of this group of

medications, by consensus:

I.The World Psychiatric Association should give high priority to ensuring

that antipsychotic medications of the first and second generations and

other treatments of proven efficacy become available to all people who

need them, worldwide. In pursuing this goal the WPA should collaborate

with the health industry, including pharmaceutical companies, and with

governments aiming to ensure appropriate treatment of people with

mental illness as specified in the UN Resolution 119 of 1991.

II.The scientific evidence about the effectiveness and side-effect profiles of

the second-generation antipsychotic medications, and the experience

from many countries justify the placement of these medications among

the options for the initial treatment of schizophrenia and related

psychotic disorders.

III.The efforts to secure the availability of effective antipsychotic

medications should go hand in hand with educational programmes for

mental health personnel and with measures that will ensure the delivery

of high quality mental health services.

IV.The World Psychiatric Association should work with the World Health

Organization on the development of the model list of drugs essential for

psychiatric treatment to ensure that an appropriate array of medications

is made available for the treatment of mental disorders.

V.Member Societies as well as national and international research

organizations in developed and developing countries should undertake

or continue research that will produce currently lacking data on

i.The differential risk/benefit profiles of each of the medications

in this group

ii.The comparison of second-generation antipsychotics with first- generation antipsychotics given at low doses

iii.The effects of second-generation antipsychotic medications in  children with psychotic disorders

iv.The effects of these drugs in the treatment of psychotic states in women, elderly patients and patients with concurrent physical disorders

v. The long-term effects of these medications and their effects on different geographical, cultural and ethnic groups

vi.The use of second-generation antipsychotic medications for the treatment of disorders other than schizophrenia and related psychotic states.

vii.The World Psychiatric Association should advocate an increase in the  allocations for research on psychiatric treatment methods at national and international levels.

viii.The Executive Committee of the WPA should continue its efforts to develop consensus statements on other matters of importance for

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