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When someone is determining whether to believe you, your likeability is a critical factor in establishing trust. Your likeability factor can have an enormous impact on your perceived value. Develop your credibility, establish yourself as an expert, strive to be your best, most likeable self, and you’ll quickly become the best and most obvious choice for your potential clients.

Chapter 6: The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process

If you want a perpetual stream of inspiring and life-fulfilling ideal clients clamoring for your services and products, then just remember all sales start with a simple conversation and are executed when a need is met and trust is assured. In its most effective form, the Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle not only turns strangers into friends and friends into potential clients but potential clients into current clients and past clients into current clients.

The Book Yourself Solid Six Keys to Creating Connection: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

Know your responses to these six keys and you will ensure that the offers you are making in your sales cycle process are right on target.

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    Key #l Who Is Your Target Client or Customer? You need to choose whom you’d like to bring into your cycle. The more specific you are the better; choose one person (or organization) within your target market to focus on. When you have made the effort to speak and write directly to your ideal client, he’ll feel it. He will feel as though you truly know and understand his needs and desires.

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    Key #2: What Are They Looking For? Work to truly understand what they are looking for. Then you can decide what you’re going to offer them that will meet their needs.

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    Key #3; When Do They Look for You? What needs to happen in their personal life or work life for them to purchase the kind of service that you offer? Make it easy for them to step into your environment and move closer and closer to your core offerings over time. When their stakes rise, they’ll reach out to you and ask for you. But you’ve got to keep the conversation going.

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    Key #4: Where Do They Look for You? If you don’t know, survey your current clients.

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    Key #5: Why You? What makes you the best choice for them? What is unique about you or the solutions you offer? While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you’ve got to get comfortable saying “the best thing for you is me!” Declaring your strengths, your skills, your expertise, and your ability to help is not bragging. It’s what your potential clients expect, want, and need to hear from you.




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