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7. The Book Yourself Solid Keep-in-Touch Strategy.

Your objective for stage one of the Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle should be simple and measurable, like driving prospective clients to your web site. Or once you’ve chosen an objective, you’ll choose the strategies you would like to use to achieve it. The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle is most effective when used in conjunction with a keep-in- touch plan. Work diligently on building up your database (your list). Your list is made up of people who have given you permission to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. They are made up of your potential, current, and past clients, as well as your colleagues and referral sources. Building a large list and having permission to communicate with them will make it easy to secure new clients whenever you need to.

Book Yourself Solid Sales CycleStage Two In this stage you will demonstrate your knowledge, solutions, and sincere desire to provide value to your target market free of charge, with no barrier to entry and at no risk to them. The benefits include increased trustyou may provide a special report or white paper that addresses their urgent needs and compelling desires. You might give a discount coupon for your initial session. It could be your always-have-something-to-invite people-to offer, like the author’s Think Big Revolution. No matter what you select, it should be something that speaks not only to their needs but also to low you want to be known.

Book Yourself Solid Sales CycleStage Three In stage three of the sales cycle your objective is twofold: to continue to add value by helping your potential clients incorporate the information that you gave them in stage two of the cycle and to make a sale. You should also offer them something that will surprise them. It could be a complimentary pass to a workshop you’re doing or a personal note on your stationery or branded postcard with a list of books on your area of expertise that you know will speak to their urgent needs. Remember, the value you add doesn’t have to be all about you. This the first stage of the sales cycle where you also offer your potential clients a service or product that will cost them money: an in-person seminar or intake session, an ebook, published book, CD, or tele-seminar. When you send your follow-up e-mails, you will let your potential clients know of the opportunities you have for them that speak directly to their urgent needs and compelling desires, and you’ll continue to add value without expecting anything in return. What’s important to understand is that the monetized offer you are making does not have a very high barrier to entry.

Book Yourself Solid Sales CycleStage Four Your focus now is to help your potential clients move to the next level of your sales cycle. Now is the time to over-deliver on the product or service he purchased.




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