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When he has received great value from that service or product, you then offer your next level of product or service, something that requires more of an investment than the previous product or service he purchased. Notice how this client is moving closer and closer to your core offering and your higher-priced offerings. This is usually the case but only after you’ve increased the client’s trust factor and proven that your solutions work and that you deliver on the promises that you make. Your goal throughout the sales cycle is to help people move loser and closer to your core offerings by ensuring that they are getting the results they need at each stage of the cycle. Your sales cycle will have as many stages as is appropriate for you and your business right now. It will evolve as your business evolves.

Book Yourself Solid Sales CycleStage Five Your objective in stage five is similar to the previous one: to help potential clients move to the next level of your sales cycle by offering them a higher-level product or service. What’s important to understand about this process is that not every person or organization that enters into your sales cycle will move all the way through it, and the time that each potential client takes to do so will be different as well. As a professional service provider you don’t want to try to convince people that what you’re offering is right for them. You want to provide value upon value until they know that your services are right for them. They will get better results that way and be more satisfied with your ser/ices, a factor that is way too important to forget about Use the Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle to Unconditionally Serve Your Clients You can have as many stages to your sales cycle as you need in order to build trust with potential clients for the kinds of offers you make. Just thinking about your sales cycle will help you clarify and expand your offerings. Gone are the days when you can simply have one offering and be guaranteed to book yourself solid. The marketplace is too competitive and diverse. Expanding your offerings in order to create a Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle may just enhance your business modelthe mechanism by which you generate revenuefrom only one offering with one stream of revenue to multiple offerings with multiple streams of revenue. The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle is not just about getting new clients to hire you. It is designed to unconditionally serve your current clients as well.

Chapter 7: The Power of Information Products

Nothing helps to build your credibility like products and programs deigned to serve your target market’s very specific urgent needs and compelling desires. You are in the business of serving other people as you stand in the service of your destiny and express yourself through your work. You can follow a simple step-by-step system that leads you to) the production of the kind of revenue and satisfaction that comes from bold self-expression. Products create opportunities for multiple streams of passive or leveraged income.




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