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Having a product enhances your credibility with your prospects, your peers, meeting planners, and the media because it establishes you as an expert in your field and sets you apart from your competitors. Products can help you land more clients because they speed up the sales cycle. Having a product to offer based on your services gives potential clients the opportunity to test you out without having to take a big risk. If you use public speaking as one of your marketing strategies, having a product at the back of the room when you speak gives you credibility, and you also have a relatively low-cost way to introduce prospects into your business and generate ancillary revenue at the same time. Products leverage your time.

Start with the End in Mind

Here are a few thoughts on your first self-expression product:

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    Keep it simple.

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      Don’t overwork it or feel that it needs to be perfect.

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      Don’t worry about being wildly original.

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      Tips, guides, or resource manuals are great formats.

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      Continually strive to add value to your clients’ lives in any way you can.

Define Your Product or Program - Choose the one product idea that you’re most passionate or excited about right nowand most important, one that is in fine with your current business needs. As you define your product, you will need to consider not only the type of product you will create but to whom you’re selling it, the promises it makes, the benefits and solutions it offers, the look and feel you want your product to convey, and the ways in which you can leverage the content. Assess the Need - It‘s important to be clear about your intentions for your product or program, and it’s critical that your product or program meet the needs of our target market. If you’re unsure of your target market’s need for a particular type of product or program, doing market research will help you ensure you’re creating something your target market will find valuable.

The Five Steps to Developing Your Content

Step 1: Choose the Role You Are Playing

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      Interviewer. Compile information from other experts.

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      Researcher. Go out and gather information to serve the needs and desires of your target

market. Compile the results to create a product at meets those needs and desires.

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    Repurposer. Use and modify existing content (with permission) for a different purpose.

Step 2: Choose Your Product Framework Here are six of the most common ones:




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