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Once you’re comfortable quoting your fees, other people will feel that comfort and that energetic resonance, and they’ll happily pay you what you’re worth. Thinking in terms of solutions and benefits is the ah-ha to the selling process. It’s the key to shifting your perspective. When you have fundamental solutions and a desire to help others, it becomes your moral imperative to show and tell as many people as possible. Selling is based on pure emotion. Your potential clients respond to the issue you’re uncovering because it creates an emotion pull and a positive charge for them. Placing your attention on the negative drains your energy, robs you of your power, and keeps you stuck. When you place your attention on the positive, on what you want rather than on what you don’t want, on all the many benefits of making a change and the positive outcome you’ll achieve, you raise your energy, empower yourself, and are inspired to make positive changes. The beauty of the Book Yourself Solid Super Simple Selling System—you’re simply helping your potential clients to feel better about themselves and their lives by showing them that they can take control and make changes. The conversation becomes a super simple selling system with the addition of just one easy question: Would you like a partner to help you achieve these goals? With that one question you make yourself the key to the solution. If a client says no, or doesn’t say yes, don’t assume you did something wrong. What is actually happening is that the client still has unanswered questions. Once you find out what they are and answer them, then you can start working together. When you hear a no, you get a green light to dig deeper and find the true objection. Every time you uncover and answer one, you may find another. If you set your intention and outcome, you will absolutely change your results for the better.

The Super Simple Selling System Made Even Simpler:

Inquire: What is your goal? Show: the benefits after they reach the goal. Offer: Would you like a partner to help you with that?

Keep in Touch - For a next step, get a commitment.

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    Move the relationship forward.

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      Follow up and ask for small commitments.

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      Don’t give in and don’t give up if you know you can help.

Eventually the benefits you provide will someday be a priority. Something in your clients’ life will change. If you haven’t pt in contact with them and followed up, they’ll look to someone else to help them reach their goals.

Module Three: The Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Self-Promotion Strategies

Don’t let the multitude of strategies, techniques, and exercises in




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