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Module Three overwhelm you. Pick the strategies that are most aligned with your strengths and run with them. Any one of these techniques can seriously book you solid. The Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Self-Promotion Strategies:

  • 1.

    Networking Strategy.

  • 2.

    Direct Outreach Strategy.

  • 3.

    Referral Strategy.

  • 4.

    Web Strategy.

  • 5.

    Speaking and Demonstrating Strategy.

  • 6.

    Writing Strategy.

  • 7.

    Keep-In-Touch Strategy.

Chapter 9: The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy

With the Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy, the focus is on sincerely and freely giving and sharing, and by doing so, building and deepening mutually beneficial relationships with others. It’s all about making lasting connections. Replace networking with the word connecting. We make connections with real people. A connection with another human being means that you’re in sync with, and relevant to, each other. Let that be our definition of networking. Your marketing success is also determined by other people. Follow the Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy and you’ll create a large and powerful network built on compassion, trust, and integrity, a network that is priceless and will reap rewards for years to come. The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy employs the 50/50 networking rule, which requires that we share our networking focus evenly between potential clients and other professionals. Networking with other professionals provides you with an opportunity to connect and share resources, knowledge, and information. Bear in mind that working solo does not mean working alone. You can create so much more value when other talented people are involved. Networking requires that you consciously integrate intangibles such as your knowledge, your network, and your compassion until they become a natural part of your daily life. Networking isn’t something you do only at networking events. It’s an ongoing process that will bring terrific benefits. Share what you know. This means everything you’ve learned—whether through life experience, observation, conversation, or studyand everything you continue to learn. Share whom you know. This is everyone you know. Everyone in your network is potentially a good connection with someone else. Share how you feel. This is all of your compassion, the quality that makes us most human. Give each of these three intangibles freely and with no expectation of return. While it may seem calculated to plan a strategy around them, the fact remains that when you’re smart, friendly, and helpful, people will like you, will enjoy being around you, and will remember you when they or someone they know needs your services.




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