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Share What You Know Reading books is, by far, the best and most efficient way to increase your knowledge. Reading a book on a topic that is related to the services you provide offers an easy way to start a conversation with potential clients or contacts. And what better way to get into your Book Yourself Solid Dialogue than to explain why you’re reading the particular book you’re holding in your hand. You’re just finding opportunities to add value to those you meet by sharing what you know. Ask yourself what knowledge, once acquired, would add the greatest value and make you more attractive to potential clients and business partners, and then go after learning it.

Share Whom You Know Whom do you want to give your business to or recommend to other members of your network? It’s the people who have served you in some way; the people who are friendly, nice, smart, and helpful; the people who will go the extra mile, give that little bit more than anyone expects, and who genuinely strive to provide the best service they can with integrity. It’s the people who are upbeat, always have a ready smile, and from whom you walk away feeling supported and energized. If you are that person in each and every interaction you have with others, whether business or personal, your network is going to grow exponentially, and those people are going to remember you and want to do business with you. They’re going to link you with others in their network with whom you can make beneficial connections, and they’re going to refer you to everyone they know who could possibly use your service or products. There is one thing that is essential to consider with respect to sharing your network. You must do what you say you’re going to do—these habits of commitment making and fulfilling are essential to developing yourself into a masterful connector who truly and meaningfully adds value to the lives of others. Everyone you meet has the potential to connect you (through his network and his contacts’ networks) to someone or some piece of information that you need. Make a sincere effort to connect with people you might not normally interact with. The more diverse your network of connections, the more powerful and effective your network becomes.

Share How You Feel In the service business people will generally not hire you unless they feel you have compassion for what they’re going through. Listen attentively. Be fully present when making connections, smile as often as possible, make eye contact, and ask engaging, open-ended questions that express your curiosity and interest. Take the time to add value to the person you’re connecting with by offering information or resources that speak to her needs. If you don’t have what she needs, think about who in your network would meet her needs and how to go about acting as the link for them. Remember, this is done with no expectation of any immediate return.

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