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you’ll operate in a mentality of scarcity and shame as opposed to one of abundance and integrity.

Module One: Your. Foundation

To be booked solid requires that you have a solid foundation. That foundation begins like this: Choose your ideal clients so you work only with people who inspire and energize you. Understand why people buy what you are selling. Develop a personal brand so you’re memorable and unique. Talk about what you do without sounding confusing or bland.

Chapter 1: The Red Velvet Rope Policy

The red velvet rope policy allows in only the most ideal clients, the ones who energize and inspire you. If you don’t currently have this policy, you will shortly. Why? First, because when you work with clients you love, you’ll truly enjoy the work you’re doing; you’ll love every minute of it and when you love every minute of the work you do, you’ll do your best work, which is essential to book yourself solid. Second, because you are your clients; they are an expression and an extension of you The first step in building your foundation is to choose your ideal clients, the individuals or businesses with whom you do your best work, the people or environments that energize and inspire you. Dump the Duds - .Your dud clients are those you dread interacting with, who drain the life out of you, bore you to tears, frustrate you, or worse, instill in you the desire do themor yourselfbodily harm.

Taking a Booked Solid Action Step is a bold action and requires courage. And courage is not about being fearless—it’s about owning your fear and using it to move you forward, to give you strength. There is no more rewarding feeling than the pride you’ll feel once you’ve moved past the fear to do what you set out to do. Maybe you’ll find it easier to take it one step at time. Start by referring out just one of those dud clients. The feeling of empowerment you’ll have once you’ve done it will motivate you to continue pruning your list of clients until the duds have all been removed. Clients who are not ideal for you are most likely ideal for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with them, of course. They’re just not right for you- So keep in mind that you don’t need to fire clients; you just need to help them find a better fit.

Creating Your Red Velvet Rope Policy The benefits of working with ideal clients are many and meaningful:

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    You’ll have clean energy to do your best work.

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      You’ll feel invigorated and inspired.

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      You’ll connect with clients on a deeper level.




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