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Don’t let “What do you do?” be the first question you ask. Don’t sit with people you know for the majority of the event. Don’t juggle multiple items – travel light Don’t complain about networking or the event you’re attending Don’t complain about anything. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember to relax and have fun.

With the Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy, the prospect of creating a phenomenal network of connections doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. We all network constantly, with everyone, every day. Now we just need to do it consciously, with greater awareness, until doing so becomes a natural and comfortable part of our daily lives. Then follow up. Keep in touch. It is imperative that you get every one of your connections into your database and act on each connection. If the contact isn’t in your database or you don’t take the action necessary to keep in touch, your networking is pointless.

Chapter 10: The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy

Ideally, all of your customers and clients will come looking for you. Realistically, there may be times, especially in the beginning, that you’ll need to proactively reach out to potential customers and clients and make offers. You’ll want to reach out to other professionals, organizations, and associations to network, cross-promote, and offer your services. Direct outreach is not spam, which Michael considers unsolicited mail or e-mail of any kind, sent indiscriminately to mailing lists or newsgroups. You must be very careful and discerning with respect to how you use the Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy. Make sure that your efforts are targeted, individualized, valuable, and legitimate so they are not perceived as spam and instead are appreciated and acted upon. Using the Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy is all about taking personal connections.

When to Use Direct Outreach

To an ideal client or others within your target market to let them now how you can serve them. To the decision maker at an organization or association to cross-promote, secure speaking engagements, submit articles for publication, and more. To the press. For myriad other business development opportunities.

Direct Outreach Tools

Letters The letter is a great tool to begin the direct outreach process. You will then follow up with a phone call or e-mail. The most important aspect of your direct outreach letter is personalization. Find out everything you can about the person you’re trying to connect with. First tell your reader why you’re writing so she’ll feel comfortable reading on. She needs to




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