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know if it’s worth her time to read your letter. Next step is to expand upon your reason for writing and make your case. Finally, make sure that your suggested next steps are very clear. You must let the reader know exactly how to take advantage of your offer, what you want him to do, and when you want him to do it. Calls The good-old-fashioned phone is not to be underestimated for making real, personal, and emotional connections with potential clients and business contacts. Following up using the phone and make the call brief, direct, and straightforward. Be very clear and concise with your communication. Speak confidently and with a full voice. E-mail - use e-mail in conjunction with the other direct outreach tools. Think of it as a way to bridge each one of the outreach tools we’re discussing. Postcards - Postcards can quickly encourage people to take action on something direct and simple like going to your website Brochures and flyers – You can wait on brochures until you’ve found that the way you talk about what you do, your offers, your prices, and so on have been holding strong for at least a year. If you are going to create flyers yourself, just make them very simple, clean, and information - based. Whatever-it-takes direct outreach - think creatively about what kind of fun, outrageous, no- rules attention-grabbing direct outreach strategies would work for you.

Promoting Through the Press

Typical examples include feature stories and product or service announcements published in either print or broadcast media. People give more credibility to what they read or hear when it comes from news sources, Be your own PR agent. The do-it-yourself PR resources Michael recommends are www.rtir.com, www.PRweb.com, and www.bacons.com.

As with all marketing, it may take a number of attempts to make a connection with an editor, producer, or writer, even at your local paper or radio station. However, the energy, time, and money you spend on promoting through the press can really jump start your business. The Six Steps to Planning and Executing Your PR Campaign

  • 1.

    Clarify your goals.

  • 2.

    Identify whom you want to reach and connect with.

  • 3.

    Choose which media outlets you’re going to target.

  • 4.

    File the press release that makes your announcement.

  • 5.

    Prepare for interviews.

  • 6.

    Submit your press release by fax and email to your list of media outlets.

Direct Outreach Plan

  • 1.

    Identify the individual you’re going to reach out to.

  • 2.

    Choose the steps you’ll take to connect with her.

  • 3.

    Create a schedule for your initiatives.




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