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    If you want to increase your referral quotient by 50 percent, the best strategy is to ask for referrals. Once you get clients talking, ask them about the value they get from your sessions. Use this as an open door to have them talk about how your services could benefit other people or organizations they have relationships with.

Step 7: Facilitate the Referral Connection

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    Hand out a card or send an e-mail that clients will pass on to friends and family.

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      Ask them to write down the names of these people and ask them how you should best get in touch with them. If you actually make the connection and do the follow-up, it’s sure to happen. When you meet someone you really connect with and who has expressed interest in your services, you call him

Step 8: Follow Up with Referrals and Referrers

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    Learn about any past experience with your type of services or products that they may have had and, most important, what they hope to achieve.

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      Tell them what to expect, how you work, and the benefits they will experience.

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      Invite clients to work with you, and remember the Book Yourself Solid Super Simple Selling System. Offer a specific date and time that suits their schedule.

Practice Your Referral Presentation

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    Once you start speaking with our potential clients on a deep and personal level, they will see you as far more than just your title. This meaningful connection is the key to achieving a greater level of prosperity and personal satisfaction.

Who Wants What You Want?

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    When someone has a positive effect on one’s life, even in small ways, it feels good to

give something back, and referrals are a great way to do it. Other professionals The Other Source of Referrals

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    Other Professionals who offer services and products that are complementary to your own, and work with your target market, are ideal sources of referrals. By joining an organization you’ll greatly extend your reach and build your reputation having others talk about you and your services.

Talk to anyone who comes into contact with a large number of people who could be potential clients for you.

Affiliate Fees and Rewards

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    Create rewards for those who refer others to you. A reward could be anything from a formal affiliate program, where you pay cash for referrals, to coupons for discounts on your services, products, or programs, or a basket of gourmet food.

Nurture the relationships you develop with those who refer others to you, and always follow up right away on any referrals you get. You’ll then create not merely satisfied clients but raving fans by delivering your best work.

Chapter 12: The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy

If You’re Not Online, You’re Out of Line




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