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To get in front of your target market you can promote yourself or have others promote you. When you promote yourself, you’re inviting your target market to something that is going to help them solve their problems and move them toward their compelling desires. When you are promoted by others, they put you in front of your target market. You may want to travel both routes. Self-Promotion - These types of speaking and demonstrating events might fall into the category of an always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer or you may charge admission. Conference Calls - Start a monthly or weekly call for clients to learn the benefits of working with you. Prepare a new, timely, and relevant topic every time. The conference line won’t cost you a dime. Then you record each call to your computer or digital recorder and upload it to your web site using www.AudioTestimonialsOnline.com. Those who couldn’t make the actual call will still have the opportunity to listen to it and benefit from it. Archiving the calls on your web site is also a remarkable way of immediately establishing trust and credibility with new web visitors. Demonstrations and Educational Events are an excellent way to reach potential ideal clients if your services are physical or location-based or if the people you serve are all located in the same town or city. Don’t just invite your potential clients but also your current clients, friends, or colleagues who know the value of your services and are willing to talk about their experiences. You want to invite as many people as possible to these events for three important reasons:

  • 1.

    You want to leverage your time so you’re connecting with as many potential clients as possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • 2.

    You want to leverage the power of communities. When you bring people together, they create far more energy and excitement than you can on your own. Your guests will also see other people interested you can on your own. Your guests will also see other people interested in what you have to offer, and that’s the best way to build credibility.

  • 3.

    You’ll be viewed as a generous connector. If you’re known in your marketplace as someone who brings people together, it will help you build your reputation and increase your likeability.

Getting Promoted by Others - If you’re speaking for exposure, you probably won’t be paid up front for most of the speaking and demonstrating you do, except possibly an honorarium and travel costs. You’re doing it for the opportunity to address potential clients and to interest them in your offerings. Booking Your Way Up - If you would like to be promoted by others, you need to develop trusting relationships with decision makers at associations and organizations that serve your target market. Trade associations and networking groups all need speakers to address their memberships. The most potentially rewarding venues will offer:

  • o

    Large audiences.

    • o

      Audiences that include potential buyers for your products and services.

    • o

      Name recognition that is prestigious.

    • o

      The opportunity to sell products at the event (books and CDs for example).

Start the list with the lower-level organizations and associations and work up to the highest- level organizations and associations.




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