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    You’ll feel successful and confident

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      You’ll know your work matter and is changing lives.

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      The magic of you will come to life!

By knowing who your ideal clients are and selecting only those who lave at least 75 percent of the qualities you identify, you will have more fun, accomplish greater results, and experience incredible joy and fulfillment in your business. ^ This is beneficial because you’ll be able to identify other ideal clients you’d love to work with. People enjoy knowing how important they are to you, and if they know you do your best work with, and for, people like them, they are much more inclined to work with you. It raises the stakes for them.

Turn your requirements into client filters such as these:

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    I feel more energized and excited after working with my clients.

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      My clients seek open feedback, and better yet, they take action when they get it.

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      My clients do not procrastinate; they rapidly respond to new opportunities.

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      My clients are naturally optimistic and do not complain.

When you’re fully self-expressed, fully demonstrating your values and your views, you’ll naturally attract and draw to yourself those you’re best suited to work with, and you ‘II push away those you‘re not meant work with. The process we’ve just worked through is one that you must do on a regular basis. As Tom Peters has aid: “This is your fife. You are your clients. It is fair, sensible, and imperative to make these judgments. To dodge doing so shows a lack of integrity.’ Doing so is one of the best and smartest business and life decisions you can make. It’s crucial to your success and your happiness. Prune regularly and before you know it you’ll be booked solid with clients you love working with.

Chapter 2: Why People Buy What You re Selling

Taking the following four steps will help you keenly understand why people buy what you’re selling, an essential component in creating relentless demand for your services.

Step 1: Identify Your Target Market

Your ideal clients are those individuals who energize and inspire you; your target market is the demographics of the group you’re most passionate about serving. Your target market and your niche are not the same. There’s an important distinction between the two: Your target market is the group of people you serve, and your niche is the service you specialize in offering to your target market. If your target market isn’t specific enough or the right one for you, the rest of the book won’t be as effective.




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