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  • How you will tell them: your tone, vocabulary, and style of writing.

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      Hot Buttons - Another way to understand more about your readers is to study the

emotional hot buttons that make all of us tick. Part 3: Creating an Attention-Grabbing Title - Without an arresting title, no one will bother to read the rest of your article.

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    Optimize Your Title - Search engines place a lot of emphasis on words they find in headings, so including your keywords here is vitally important to getting your article found on the Web.

Part 4: Writing Your Article

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    The Introduction The introduction contains the nugget of your story, a short capsule that summarizes what’s coming in the body of the article. It builds on the topic already presented in the title and explains why that information matters to the reader, which is why it’s so important to know who your target audience is. A compelling introductory paragraph answers everyone’s most pertinent question: What’s in it for me? Know how your information will benefit your readers and express that in your opening statement to them. If

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      The Body The body of your article is where you fulfill the promise made in your title and lead-in paragraph by expanding on your theme.

      • Try to stick to one idea in each sentence and two or three sentences in each paragraph.

      • Use subheadings.

      • Use lists.

      • Be consistent with your layout.

      • Optimize your body copy. The

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      The Conclusion Have you said everything you wanted to say? Then its time to wrap it all up. The conclusion is easy because it’s simply a summing up of everything you just wrote. The point is to leave your readers with an easy-to-remember summary of your main theme so it is reinforced in their minds.

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      The Author’s Resource Box This is where you get to take a bow, share something pertinent about yourself or your business and invite your readers to take an action. It’s also an important opportunity to offer your services. The Key to Writing Your Resource Box - To make sure your resource box is effective, clearly invite action and explain why this action would benefit your readers.

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      Let It Simmer and Proofread Now

Part 5: Getting Your Article Published This is where the fruits of your writing labor pay off. After you have completed writing your article, you’ll want to search for the niche web sites and the publications that will help share your writing with the world.

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    Getting Published on the Web The Internet offers a number of unique environments to display your written work, thereby generating traffic to your web site, building your credibility, and increasing visibility for your products, programs, and services. Here are some examples:

    • Article directories

    • Article announcement lists




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