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If you don’t want to make a difference, consider making your living as something other than a service professional. The operative word is service. Creating a statement is a process and you need to just keep changing it until you get there. The process of booking yourself solid isn’t about how to please as many people as possible. It’s about how to convey your own unique message to those who are waiting to hear it. That can be achieved only through bold, no-holds-barred self-expression. It’s about being uniquely you.

Chapter 4: How to Talk About What You Do

A primary reason that many service professionals fail to build thriving businesses is that they struggle to articulatein a clear and compelling wayexactly what solutions and benefits they offer. The Book Yourself Solid Dialogue is a dynamic, lively description of the people you help, what challenges they face, how you help them, and the results and benefits they get from your services. You must be sure that you can captivate and actively engage person you’re talking to in a conversation that elicits questions rather just polite acknowledgment. You must talk with people, not at them. The long, medium, and short version of your Book Yourself Solid Dialogue will allow you to have conversations with different people in different situations, so you’re always prepared. We hear the question “What do you do for a living?”‘ all the time. Your professional category is the wrong answer. How much more are you than your professional title? Your Book Yourself Solid Dialogue will allow you to set yourself apart from everyone else whose professional title is the same as yours. It provides you with the opportunity to highlight the ways in which you and your services, products, and programs are unique and do so with passion. The greatest breakthroughs in your business when you find out on a very deep and personal level exactly what your clients need. Ask yourself these questions: What is the deeper problem? What do they really want? What results do they want to achieve? How will their life be intrinsically better once they start working with me? These are the things that will grab the attention of those you’re speaking with.

Five-Part Book Yourself Solid Dialogue Formula: The Long Version:

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    All you need to do is insert parts one through five from Written Exercise 1.4.1 into the

following formula:

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    You know how [insert Part I] do, are, or feel [insert Part II]?

    • o

      Well, what I do is [insert Part III).

    • o

      The result is (insert Part IV).

    • o

      The benefits are (insert lots of Part V).




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