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Module 2: Building Trust and Credibility

To be booked solid requires that you are considered credible within your marketplace, that you be perceived as likeable, and that you earn the trust of the people you’d like to serve. Your strategy will be based on: Becoming and establishing yourself as a likeable expert in your field. Building relationships of trust over time through your sales cycle. Developing brand-building products and programs. Having sincere sales conversations that get results.

Chapter 5: Who Know What You Know and Do They Like You?

It’s time to establish yourself as a category authority—a well-known, well-liked expert in your field. The standard credibility builders are the things that you need to do and have in place to appear credible and professional. The standard credibility builders may seem obvious, but without them you won’t be taken seriously, so they’re worth reviewing:

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    You must have a professional e-mail address

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      Invest in quality business cards.

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      If you don’t have a web site, have one built now

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      Have professionally produced photographs taken.

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      Obtain and showcase specific testimonials rather than general testimonials

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      Establish an advisory board.

The Mistake that many service professionals make is thinking that these standards of service are all that are necessary to help them stand out from the crowd. These standards of service will are what every savvy consumer will expect:

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    Quality of service.

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      Methods and tools.

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      Your credentials.

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      Client importance.

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      Lowest price. Offering the lowest price is not necessarily going to help you establish credibility. In fact, many potential clients may be leery if your prices are significantly below market value. “They’re what every savvy consumer will expect.

Becoming and Establishing Yourself as a Category Authority Before you can establish yourself as a category authority you must be one by learning everything you possibly can about the one thing you’ve decided you want to come known for. For many of us, the leap into learning all we can about our field quickly becomes overwhelming.




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