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and violent crime by just over one-third (34%).


Source: New Zealand Police

In 2004, there were 6,380 apprehensions23 in Tauranga. The main difference from the national pattern of apprehensions was the over-representation of 17-20 year-olds. Conversely, 31-50 year-olds were less commonly apprehended in Tauranga than nationally.

The methods for resolving apprehensions in Tauranga were similar to the country as a whole. In 2004, 76% of Tauranga’s 3,070 adult apprehensions resulted in prosecution, and 16% in warnings or cautioning. Diversion was used infrequently, resolving less than 1% of Tauranga’s adult apprehensions (just over 2% nationally).

For the 1,160 Tauranga children and youths apprehended by police in 2004, considerably fewer were referred to Youth Aid than nationally (39%, compared with 56%). But a higher proportion received warnings or cautioning than the national pattern (39%, compared with 24%). Youth Justice family group conferences were also used far more often than nationally. Thirteen percent of the district’s apprehensions of under-17 year-olds were resolved in this way, compared with just 4% nationwide. Prosecution, on the other hand, was used less often in Tauranga, resolving just 7% of these apprehensions (13% nationally).

Child, Youth and Family (CYF) involvement

In the year ending 30 June 2005, CYF’s Bay of Plenty office received 2,342 Care and Protection Services notifications, of which 2,004 (86%) required further action.

Over that year, CYF had 590 Family Group Conference court orders in force. These consisted of 395 Care and Protection Services orders and 195 Youth Justice orders. As well, one Youth Justice plan was in force.

Family violence24

Between 1996 and 2004, Tauranga’s family violence offence rate fluctuated above and below the national rate. In 2004, it was above the national rate – 74 family violence offences recorded per 10,000 population in Tauranga, compared with 64 per 10,000 nationally.

Over that nine-year period, there were 5,130 family violence offences recorded within Tauranga police station boundaries, an average of 570 a year. As was the case across the country, the largest proportion were serious assaults by males on females.

23The number of apprehensions is not the same as the number of offenders. Apprehensions do not count distinct individuals, as a person apprehended for multiple offences will be counted multiple times in the data. An “apprehension” means a person has been dealt with by police in some way to resolve an offence.

24The following statistics are for the same Tauranga District police stations described under “Recorded criminal offences” above.

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