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GRAD-CONNECT “How to Avoid a Senior-itis Outbreak”

Do you find it hard to concentrate in class? Do you procrastinate on your homework? If so, then chances are you’re a prime target for a senior-itis outbreak!

What is Senior-itis? Senior-itis is that drop of motivation common among students in senior year (high school and college.) Its symptoms are procrastination, lack of focus and slipping grades.

Why you can’t afford Senior-itis? Last summer, the University of Washington revoked admission letters of 23 potential students, as their grades dropped considerably over senior year. As many as 37 students had their admission letters rescinded by the University of California, Berkeley, for the same reason! Although these examples apply to high school seniors-- this can happen to graduate school applicants too!

The Cure: The best remedy for senior-itis is to stay motivated throughout your senior year. Developing good study habits and attempting to stay focused by keeping your eyes on the prize can help to alleve senior-itis.

Beat Procrastination Procrastination is one of the biggest problems seniors face. “The habits one forms early in life are often carried over into later stages of life, be it college or the professional world,” says Mike Frantz, Dean of Enrollment Services at Wilkes University. “Motivation and hard work will always win out over basic intelligence.”

Cara Garcia, author of Too Scared To Learn, explains why procrastination happens: There are two parts to each student, “one being the Concentrator, which thinks about the studying that needs to be done. The other part, the Interrupter, interrupts the efforts of the Concentrator.” Get into the habit of jumping into the task at hand right away. Do not let the Interrupter think, you won’t ever get started. Let the Concentrator get going.

Fuel your Interest Try to make learning fun. “While studying something boring, get yourself to draw similarities and analogies between what you are studying and things you already know well or find interesting,” suggests Dr. Juan Salinas from the University of Texas, Austin.

Follow a Study Pattern Preview every chapter before your teacher starts it. This will help you concentrate while it is being taught in class. R e v i e w t h e c h a p t e r a f t e r s c h o o l . M e m o r i z e t h e m a t e r i a l a f t e r y o u v e u n d e r s t o o d a l l t h e c o n c e p t s d i s c u s s e d . Y o u l never forget it! l

Don’t Obsess It’s easy to get caught up in the college admission process and forget about the here and now. “Don’t spend the whole senior year obsessing about [graduate school] admission,” says Paul Marthers, Director of Admissions at Oberlin College. “Go about the business of being a good student and citizen and make choices for the betterment of your brain, body, and spirit.

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