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a) Objectives must address each of the priority areas listed in Part I, B; within the context of the NAP vision enumerated in Part II, C. 2. Use an outline format for this section with objectives as primary headings.

b) Objectives should have measurable outcomes, with quantitative or qualitative evaluation plans, as appropriate. Denote activities required to achieve each objective. Group these activities by the targeted accomplishment year.

c) Organize the objectives and their activities in a logical sequence, the sum of which must comprise an attainable project within the four-year maximum duration. For example, achievement targets for number of on-farm assessments or educational activities may increase each year. An educational module may be developed in year one, pilot-tested in year two, and presented in year three.

d) Under each activity, list expected outcomes and describe the proposed means of evaluating the activity’s efficacy and any outcomes’ value to stakeholders. The plan should allow evaluation results to refine and adjust objectives and activities while informing future plans.

e) Use a logic model or a summary table at the end of this section to show the relationships between objectives (and the activities designed to attain the objectives), indicators of objective achievement and desired outcomes, and the data sources which will inform evaluations. Thus, this table should have a minimum of three rows, at least one for each objective, and three columns.

(3) Division of Labor (15pts)

CES and non-profit disability organization components may jointly or individually provide leadership for different objectives. Define the responsibilities of the respective organizations under each objective. For each activity, include time frames, personnel, and their roles. Applicants may consult with SRAPs, the current NAP, or consumer advisory type groups in developing their cooperators’ role assignments.

(4) Management Plan (10pts)

a) Provide an explanation of how the relationship between the institution and the non-profit disability partner will be managed.

b) Describe the fiscal and administrative oversight provided by the institution and the non-profit disability partner.

c) Briefly explain the institution’s funds management strategy for funded projects. The funds management outlined in the Management Plan for AgrAbility must comply with all administrative and national policy requirements listed in PART VI, C. of this RFA; and

d) Provide time lines or Gantt charts to demonstrate the duration and the sequence of project activities. Use varied hatching for different cooperators. Chart against a quarterly scale, so that a schedule should depict no more than 16 quarters.

4. R&R Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded)

Information related to the questions on this form is dealt with in detail in Part V, 5. of the NIFA Grants.gov Application Guide.

5. R&R Personal DataAs noted in Part V, 6. of the NIFA Grants.gov Application Guide, the submission of this information is voluntary and is not a precondition of award.  

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