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(e) Means to appraise instructive efficacy.

2. Networking

Networking depends on education; but networking will eventually make AgrAbility sustainable. The program has particular interest in funding networking activities with the following elements:

(a) Objectives encourage the sharing of information among, and the provision of services, value, or funds from, individuals or organizations not employed by AgrAbility;

(b) Partners include customers, peer supporters, volunteer groups, university student groups, stakeholders, public and private funding organizations and veteran’s organizations;

(c) Delivery formats include the donation of goods and services of direct benefit to AgrAbility customers; and

(d) Means to appraise economic value of services rendered to AgrAbility and its customers.

3. Assistance

Assistance satisfies customers’ immediate needs that are inadequately addressed by health, farm, and government service providers. This program has particular interest in funding assistance activities with the following elements:

(a) Objectives focus on individualized consultative services that increase the likelihood that AgrAbility Project customers and their farm operations experience success while contributing to overall productive and sustainable agricultural systems;

(b) Audience includes AgrAbility customers and others working at the same farms;

(c) Delivery formats include product selection advice, accessibility and ergonomic recommendations, life activities and farm operations planning guidance, and advocacy to obtain service and financial aid. Assistance can occur in person or from a distance; and

(d) Means to appraise successes experienced following intervention.

4. Marketing

Marketing does not address education, networking, or assistance objectives but may make key audiences aware of an AgrAbility Project and its initiatives. Appropriate marketing activities have the following elements:

(a) Objectives concentrate on program or project awareness to the exclusion of information required to provide education, assistance, or facilitate networking;

(b) Audience includes everyone;

(c) Delivery formats include public appearances with displays and the production or distribution of program awareness materials, press releases, public service announcements, print advertisements, Web pages with awareness content, newsletters, or electronic notices; and

(d) Means to link these activities with registration, information and consultation requests, and networking successes.

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