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Kingdom'. Filipa Nascimento's [New University of Lisbon] paper on 'Luxury Goods: imports and trade – Private Banquets' demonstrated the link between national trade and imports of luxury goods for social events. Last, the final speaker of the day, Péter Antalffy [Eötvös Loránd University] attempted to 'revise' the Egyptian-Nubian relations in his paper: 'The Nubian tribute'.

Day Three: Sunday, 27 September 2009

The third day of the congress took place in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. The schedule started with a paper by Alessandra Siragusa [Ca' Foscari University of Venice], titled 'Maritime study on north- and south-bound trade: the Red Sea harbours '. Elsbeth van der Wilt [Oxford University] exhibited 'Lead weights and ingots from Heracleion-Thonis: an illustration of Egyptian trade relations with the Eastern Mediterranean'. Later, Maria Rosa Guasch [New University of Lisbon] exhibited her 'Research on Egyptian wine marketing'.

After the coffee break, Prof. Dr. Manfred Bietak [Professor of Egyptology at the University of Vienna and Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo] presented the latest discoveries from the site of Tell el-Dab'a in a paper entitled 'the palace of Khyan', shedding new light on the palatial architecture of Avaris and discussing his future excavation plans. The following speaker, Máté Petrik [Museum of Fine Arts-Budapest] talked about 'The Asiatics at el-Lahun', comparing the written sources to the archaeological material in order to give the audience a more detailed picture about the Asiatic People in Egypt.

After lunch, Barbara Gilli [Ca' Foscari University of Venice] identified the gods who protected the traders and miners in the territories outside the Nile Valley, in her presentation: 'Under the protection of the Gods: The divine role for the good outcome of trade and mining expeditions’. Next, Virpi Perunka [Helsinki University] presented unpublished ceramic data from archaeological sites in Egypt's marginal regions in her paper on 'Pottery as an indicator of economy in Egypt’s marginal


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