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Northeastern Illinois University, IL

(College of Lake County), IL

Grant Type:  Cooperative Development Grant


Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) is the lead institution in the Title V Cooperative project in partnership with College of Lake County (CLC).  The two institutions propose a cooperative partnership based on their geographic proximity, similar student populations and mutual commitment to improving postsecondary retention and graduation for Hispanic students.  

Recognizing their common service area, similar students, and complementary goals and objectives, the two institutions propose one activity consisting of three components:  

1) Intercampus Processes will streamline transfer with online, student-accessible systems.  By developing major-specific articulation agreements, degree completion will improve at both institutions.  Collaborative efforts related to transfer advisement and on-site degree completion will facilitate the transition from two- to four-year institutions and increase the number of students who attain two-year and four-year degrees.  Faculty development activities at College of Lake County will improve student academic outcomes by integrating problem-based and active learning into the curriculum.  By the end of the grant period, eighteen majors will have specific articulation agreements and four baccalaureate degree-completion programs will be offered on-site at College of Lake County, which will improve timely degree attainment and reduce the cost of a baccalaureate education.  

2) Intercampus Programs will improve academic success, retention, transfer and graduation of students at both schools.  Support services such as mentoring, advising, college visits, orientation programs and financial literacy workshops for transfer students and veterans will address the needs of at-risk students, transfer students, veterans and their families.  Many elements will be available in Spanish and English.  

3) A Transfer Center will be established and centralized on Northeastern Illinois University’s campus and a Coordinator of Transfer Enrollment will be located at College of Lake County.   By September 2014, transfer enrollment of College of Lake County students to Northeastern Illinois University will increase five-fold; College of Lake County degree-seeking students’ retention rate will increase five percent; College of Lake County degree-seeking students’ graduation rates will increase 10 percent; and Northeastern Illinois University transfer students’ graduation rate will increase 10 percent, all over Fiscal Year 2009 baseline.  

Both Northeastern Illinois University and College of Lake County have established institutional goals to improve academic performance, maintain open lines of communication, and engage in enhanced articulation efforts.  This project is aligned with those common goals and aims to improve programs and services at both institutions.  Strengthening Northeastern Illinois University as a Hispanic-Serving Institution and College of Lake County as an emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution will have significant impact on Latino students throughout the communities they serve.  By the end of the grant period, activities at both institutions will be fully institutionalized.  

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