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A useful reading for students is also the introductory paper by K.E. Spear, “Chemical Transport Reactions”, in J. Chem. Educ. 49 (1972) 81

Consult also: G. Whal et al., “Thin films” in: Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Vol. A26, VCH, Weinheim, 1995, pp.681-747.

Other papers dealing with this topic can be found in High Temperature Science Vol.27, 1990, Humana Press

9.2.b) Aim: to methods

Combustion and plasma synthesis of high-temperature materials describe the principles and operations of non-conventional high-temperature of synthesis of materials, both stable and metastable.

Topic description and teaching suggestions: Combustion and plasma synthesis have emerged in the last decades as special techniques for the preparation and processing of well- characterized, high-purity, high-temperature inorganic materials. Solid-flame combustion is a self-sustained chemical wave process which yields fully or predominantly solid products. The synthesis of materials (pure compounds and/or composites) via this process is generally known as Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS). The SHS technique, pioneered by Merzhanov and coworkers, involves the “combustion” of (solid + solid) and (solid + gas) systems to yield high- melting materials (carbides, borides, silicides, intermetallics, etc.) by direct synthesis, starting from pure chemical elements as reactants. Once the reaction is initiated (by


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