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preparation and processing of high temperature materials. Among papers collected see in particular papers 1 and 35. H.V. Boenig, "Fundamentals of Plasma Chemistry and Technology", Technomic Publishing Co, Lancaster, 1988, pp. 413. See chaps. VI, XVI and XVI

Conference proceedings volumes Chang-Chun Ge and A.S. Rogachev, (eds.) “Progress in Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis”, Proc. of the Workshop held 21-24 Sept 2000 in Bejing; published in: Key Eng. Mater. 2002, 217, Trans. Tech. Publication, Switzerland, pp. 228.


A.G. Merzhanov, “The chemistry of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis”, J. Mater. Chem., 14 (2004) 1779-1786; a review of the chemistry of SHS method with examples of production of refractory materials

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Consult also:

Lectures presented at the 15th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Orleans, France, July 2001 and published in Pure Applied Chemistry Vol 74 (3) 2002. For example: Pere Roca i Cabarrocas et al., “Plasma production of nanocrystalline silicon particles and polymorphous silicon thin films for large-area electronic devices” Pure Appl.Chem. 74(3) 359-367, 2002.

Among lectures presented at the 16th Taormina, Italy, June 22-27,2003

Internationa Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC 16),


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