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materials selected for use in SOFC configurations are constrained by the chemical stability in oxidizing and/or reducing atmospheres, the conductivity and thermomechanical stability in high temperature conditions. Indeed, research efforts are being made to understand the behaviour of electrode and electrolyte in SOFC as thermodynamic and kinetic factors affect their stability and reactivity of cathode materials. The world-wide interest in fuel cell devices for clean and efficient electrochemical energy generation has resulted in large international R&D efforts as demonstrated by several international symposia, scientific publications and review papers on the subject. Education on the basic principles of processes and materials in this branch of high temperature electrochemistry is crucial for the further development and understanding of new materials and processes at work in various systems, such as those for energy production (batteries), aircraft performance, environmental control (sensors) and slags in steel production. A prerequisite is some basic knowledge of solid state electrochemistry, physical chemistry of surfaces and, of course, materials thermodynamics.

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For a brief and pictorial summary of high temperature materials and electrochemistry at work in an SOFC configuration see:


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